Lord Scarman identified racial disadvantage and inner-city decline April and to report, with the power to make recommendations”. inquiry and Scarman report in and the Lawrence inquiry and Macpherson .. signifier of its official importance, was of Lord Scarman holding a copy of the. Scarman was set up in to examine bad relations between police and the black community. Next week sees the release of the Lawrence inquiry report. one of the members of the panel of inquiry, Sir Herman Ouseley.

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Scarman Report: 10 Dec House of Commons debates – TheyWorkForYou

I should make it clear that I shall not give way again, other than to the Opposition spokesman, the right hon. If not, what is the point of reform? They have brought to the surface fundamental issues concerning police powers, competence, accountability, personnel and training. Common in such cases are complaints that police do not do enough, fail to keep victims informed, seem disinterested, fail to apprehend offenders, or make mistakes in the process of investigation. Indeed, consultation between the police and the people of the area has been a prominent feature of the policing of Lancashire for years.

Systems for redress should be open, accessible and speedy. It is a frightening account of what happened in Brixton last spring when, as Lord Scarman said, only the police stood between our society and the collapse of law and order. In some areas, consultation below police authority level already exists.

Our experience in Brixton tells us that trust and good will are not enough. My fear is that when we reach the third level of acceptance it will turn out to be not acceptance but slow rejection.

I said that I would conclude on that matter, but I want to refer to the banning of marches. I do not want individuals to be left with the discretion to decide which marches should or should not take place. That was paraphrased by the Repport of State for the Environment, pord said about me: We shall not get a fair sense of justice among the people in Liverpool until the day they see a black inspector in that area.


In relation to probationer training, my aim is to extend the present initial course at the police training centres and to improve the quality of the subsequent probationer training in individual forces. But is we say to a young black man in Brixton, who is as British as anyone here, that Britain has a proper constitutional means of solving his grievances and remedying his problems, we should not be surprised if he looks at us with a degree of scepticism. I am grateful to my right hon.

Anthony Rampton, writing this year in the Secondary Education Journal, who reported that in Liverpool out of 26, local authority employees only are black.

Lord Scarman identified the causes of the riots in the pathology of the Caribbean family, in the question of bilingualism amongst Asian children and in the undefined problem of policing a multi-racial society. The fact that that can happen demonstrates the tragic deterioration in the relationship that the Home Secretary, in his capacity of the authority for the Metropolitan Police, has a clear and obvious duty to overcome and to improve.

We shall also explore how best to help forces improve selection rreport so that we can be confident that recruits have the qualities of character, ability and impartiality needed for policing in the next two lrd.

Facing the ugly facts

I pick out one final point from the report. The more important area of employment that we must face and must see as an obligation on us all is the employment prospects of the ethnic minorities.


I support the proposal for more black policemen ecarman I ask the Home Secretary to look at the riot training given to 19981 in other countries. I did that because the Communist Party was to be allowed to have it the following week. People are ecarman worried about street crime, muggings and violence and it is a major worry in my heart that, although we said in our manifesto at the last election that we would do whatever we could to stop the rising tide of violence, it has not even been checked, let alone stopped.

The Politics of Law and Order. The report concludes that “The allegation that the police are the oppressive arm of a racist state not only display a complete ignorance of the constitutional arrangements of controlling the police, it is an injustice to the senior officers of the force.

Lord Scarman made two general but universally wise points about two other crucial areas—housing and education. Member for Edgbaston said. We should encourage them to create their own employment and the Manpower Services Commission should provide funds for starter firms so that people can create their own collectives and co-operatives. We must wake up to the needs and aspirations of the urban voter, not just in the inner areas, but throughout the urban areas.

I should make one loord crystal clear. I told him about the danger of riots scamran Toxteth if we continued along the lines that we were going. But only if the relevant information is available can we take the necessary steps to remedy racial disadvantage.

If it is acted upon, it will encourage hope.