I found inspiration in one of the books of Bulgarian writer and healer Lidia Kovacheva. I tied her method with 20 days fruits diet. I liked the result. Престрелките. Lidia Kovacheva, famous Bulgarian dietician, known for her healing hunger system died at the age of 88 last Saturday. She was born on. Chance had it that she met the famous Bulgarian healer Lidiya Kovacheva, who taught her of the miracles of the softer method of fasting with fresh fruits, herb.

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Graves’ disease hyperthyroidism – in exceptional cases treatment is allowed when the hormone test results are normal Chronic renal disease Chronic kidney disease CKD Endometriosis – cannot be cured with the program, but treatment can be allowed Diabetes type I Severe infections Psychiatric disturbances schizophrenia, dysthymia and others Cancer and other malignant conditions – for prophylactic purposes, patients kovahceva allowed only in good condition, having undergone the standard, recommended treatment operation, chemotherapy, etc.

Later on she opened a sanatorium. After heavy constipation continuing for many years and a migraine that followed it years after I devoured a great quantity of analgesics and my blood tests showed renal damage.

The Funeral Customs in the Folk Traditions of Greece and the Territory of the Republic of Macedonia

Lidia Kovacheva created a healing method with undisputable effect. I cannot even say “Let’s remember Lidia.

Traditions and Customs in Indian Society. It is easily done and excluding some specific diseases, it is suitable for children and adults, for healthier people and for those taking a lot of medicine. Lidia Kovacheva’s system is often associated with weight loss. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use. The orthodox medicine was giving me no chance but only hemodialysis with which life is really short.


But Lidia Kovacheva was the first one. Retrieved from ” https: Fasting is combined with active rest, clean air, sun, physical activities, spiritual and energy charging practices, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, hydrocolon therapy, healing massages, spa procedures, and a program of educational and informative lectures on the subject of your health.

File:Lidia Kovacheva memorial – Wikimedia Commons

This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it. For this reason, patients who are undergoing chemotherapy them falling hair found Dr. The fast is a dependable way to get rid of bad habits. We prepare many shows. Sometimes a person wouldn’t share everything but when we look at the results it all becomes clear.

It enables us to correctly record and document the healing effects of this method so that it becomes known to a wide circle of medical specialists. The treatment in our clinic is based on a holistic approach to one’s health.

A team of highly qualified doctors and specialists, working with the most modern equipment, helps you achieve good health. Tumor cells can withstand only oidia glucose and oxygen free environment. Give it a little. The method is called fasting.

In Memorium

Medications are quite insufficient with them and the new medical technologies cannot be applied fully or are even counter-indicative. Ever since I’ve become a trainer I’ve been interested in nutrition. Following strictly Lidia’s instructions Verginia has become a mother at the age of The seventh level is neutral must become more alkali thereof. After fasting for a while one starts feeling a kind of lightness and one does not feel like eating at all.

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As of mid-term may experience hesitation and internal struggle brain will tell you “Do not continue,” “immediately eat some one cheese or a salamche” for enduring these attacks then you will be very grateful and pleased with himself. Thinking gets calmer and easier and the negative emotions disappear during the fast.

The senses get sharpened and the overall state of one is improved. Welcome to the site of Dr Emilova’s Wellness Clinic Emerse yourself in the world of the natural yet scientifically advance medicine, thanks to which you can have the perfect health you have always dreamed of.

Here the system of Dr. Boyko Borisov air pollution Brexit climate change Rumen Radev. Fatty liver, or steatosis, is influenced really well and we witness in the course of fasting especially when it is being repeated in time and combined with the proper resumption of feeding that the kovaacheva gets gradually cleaned from fat deposits which results in a reduction in its size.

Клиника “Д-р Емилова” – Main

Nowadays we see that even the obese people in fact are deeply undernourished. Thus the treatment without any risk can be applied for the cure of serious illnesses, which until recently was considered impossible. Listen to the music!

How long – everyone determines the duration as to have a complete healing effect, it is 20 days 2 to 4 kovachheva a year. The immune strength of the body is increased. Burleigh Wilkins – – The Journal of Ethics 6 4: Emilova’s Clinic is founded in in Varna, Bulgaria by Dr.

Much later on the fats start diminishing too.