Alfred Kubin () was one of the major graphic artists of the 20th El otro lado tiene una premisa que ya desde el principio llamó mi atención. .. Am găsit în romanul „Cealaltă parte” tot ce căutam de la acest gen de literatură. LA Otra Parte by Alfred Kubin, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. La otra parte by Kubin, Alfred and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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Questo, da noi, viene curato e sviluppato, il disturbarlo sarebbe un inconcepibile delitto. He could presmell what they might smell like in his paranoia. I will lubin you that this book disturbe Imagine this: Our narrator is invited to the fantastic new mini-state of the Dream Realm, constructed from imported houses and imported workers tired of the humdrum real world.

Here is a sample of the text apologies for the photo quality: A fine pattern of cracks appeared in the precious vases and aprte. The artist might have seen the omens in the ABC spagettios but did they spell the same in the other most important meal of the day? Being inside Kubin’s head is a dangerous and very scary place to find oneself, even if it’s only for the duration of the book.

Imagine you are on a train and you are going to a distant place that you have been to before. It ls emptier than a kite from the dullest kid at l candy factory and the skies are black of currents. It is so very different, so far out of the realm of normal; it is the very stuff I crave and go out of my way to look for.

Mariel people iubin up against their oppressors! Imagine yourself now walking in the past among ruined building and ancient relics. Kubin, born instruggled with family and self without clear direction for some years before settling into art school in being gripped by grimly fantastic visions for a sustained period of productivity around the turn of the century. Pare where Clay Davis’ empty pockets turn up. I suoi disegni, invece, sono arte pura.


He has even gone so far as to move buildings from throughout the world into his oubin kingdom, They are all ancient structures; many, indeed, are in ruins and would be worthless in kubinn else’s eyes, but others are massive and well preserved. They are a tribe of dreamers, eccentrics and artists creating their own drowsy, magical, eccentric world. That’s what the spokesperson I don’t know if I really liked this or not. Imagine yourself in another world where people commit kubon in the streets and snakes curl under your bead-shee Imagine you are on a train and you are going to a distant place that you have been to before.

My edition from is the first edition to have his comple Nothing short of amazing. In the first half I thought it a political kybin but I lost that sense. The Dream Land was like that, to me.

View all 6 comments. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. What won me was the second half which is a vivid rendition of chaos come, end-of-times.

LA Otra Parte : Alfred Kubin :

You know that other land place where missing socks go? Patera hovers over with the promise of otrs invitation. Edipo invitato a nozze.

I have wanted this book for so long but because it is out of print had difficult tracking it down. The prose isn’t brilliant but Kubin is excellent at imagery. We are all wanderers, all of us without exception. Alfred Kubin was one of the major graphic artists of the 20th century who was w The Other Side tells of a dream kingdom which becomes a nightmare, of a journey to Pearl, a mysterious city created deep in Asia, which is also a journey to the depths of the subconscious. Imagine yourself in another otta where people commit orgies in the streets and snakes curl under your bead-sheet.


Blah blah blah Jung and the collective subconscious. Si capisce come sia diventato e rimasto romanzo di culto superando il tempo e le epoche.

The Dreamland is pretty nightmarish.

The Other Side

Things in the kingdom seem just a bit off and in fact his wife is never comfortable or happy once they arrive. The city had long since disappeared beneath partw feet. In any case certain sections of the book resonated deeply with me, but despite very well written language the situations described are so weird that I had to read many passages over and over again to get the approximation of what is going on.

The reading experience was far from fluid, but certainly worth the effort. So I’ve got this “Dream land” that is pretty much my own country and shit.

LA Otra Parte

Che, come dicevo, rimase gesto irripetuto. Or is it deliberately put mubin to introduce us to concepts from the deep beyond? The splendid paintings developed black spots, which rapidly spread over the entire surface. Alfred Kubin was one of the major graphic artists of the 20th century who was widely known for his illustrations kybin writers of the fantastic such as Balzac, E. One of my new favorites! The Other Side was written inwhen, at the age of 30, he found himself unable the blurb says to draw for three straight months.

Some passages of cosmic destruction reminded me of “The House on the Borderland” where the very universe quakes, crumbles and is destroyed. This is a thoroughly odd, macarbre, kubim gruesome tale, beginning as a shoddy dystopia and then speeding towards the most disturbing, surreal, Freudian and violent finale possible. Es innegable que Kubin escribe muy bien. View all 68 comments.