Blacksmithing uses Components to create weapons and armor from Forges. It should be noted that on easier difficulties, the repair kits. Master Blacksmith’s Craft potions temporarily increase the Blacksmithing skill by 3. Can be handy when you need to salvage unique or rare. Kingdoms of Amalur Blacksmithing Guide. Blacksmithing Station. The system in place for Blacksmithing in Kingdoms of Amalur is quite interesting and quite fun.

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Now, here comes interesting part. Additionally, there are 7 milestones which provide extra bonuses:. Note in both cases I settled for Master Guude for fire damage, when flawless would’ve given me 30 and 15 over 10 seconds. As you level though you will notice most skills help blacksmithing either directly threw crafting gems or by allowing you to find hidden loot caches which have more loot to scrap.

Craft a junk item, but include a gem whose effect you want Salvage the junk item, and hope you get the effect in the salvage The linked guide has a bunch of essential tables that describe how this works in greater detail, but here’s the theory behind it and an idea of what you can accomplish with a bit of effort. Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, I’ll tell you how to do that.

Note that repair kit efficiency improves with every single point, so I will not mention it for cases where other abilities are unlocked. Components and Gems [cg] a.

So, just repeat step 3, this time with Helm and then kongdoms a shield. I made the bow about level 24 and Faeblades around level So what to do? As amalu level purple armor and weapons become lame. They use bucklers which are made of wood. Each of these then has different sub-tiers with themselves. Now, Materials also have tiers, but in a slightly different way.


You can salvage infrequent equipment, increases the effectiveness of Repair Kits. Any such use, if intended, must be with permission in writing from me. One other thing is this: Go ahead and stop reading, you know all you need to know already.

Those are pretty good odds, huh? With enough points in Sagecrafting, you can combine poorer shards to get better shards. May not be good enough for use, but are perfect for salvaging.

Email Required, but never shown. Precious metals end with Platinum.

Kingdoms of Amalur Blacksmithing Guide – Materials and Components

This is when stealing in front of everyone is awesome because those weapons cost a ton of gold and they wont become common untill you cross the sea to fight the Tuatha. Sad Parts of Blacksmithing. CharactersCraftingLootWeapons. Blacksmirhing is because within these materials there are different sub-tiers. Every stat that you would ever want when crafted into every part of your gear can make you extremely over powered.

Blacksmothing it all and salvage it. R in subject line. Here is a list of Blacksmithing abilities unlocked for each point you put into it. The second mechanic is that by crafting a gem into an item – that is, by using the Blacksmithing rank 7 milestone, not via socketing – you imbue the resulting item with all the properties of that gem.

One of the best ways of getting cool interesting stated components is from the lowly turtles and deer of the wild. Don’t go in them till you have enough points in Detect Hidden to salvage components from traps. This is where we refer the table of components above. What this means is, any gear you create will have bonus stats on top of ones you get from the components.


Also, kill some NPC critters. Otherwise, aim to hit Level 8. Also, if you been farming for good components early on, it will save you the effort and time in reloading again and again to get desired components. The following sections present the various pieces of data related to blacksmithing, or an alternative presentation in the form of a spreadsheet can be found here.

Kingdoms of Amalur Blacksmithing Guide

I just don’t really want to take the time to fix all of them. Repeat to get different components used in an item. As you start these creatures wont drop to much of interest but always kill and look for loot form them. If you have gear with desired stat, it is very much possible that you can get more than one component with the same stat.

Crabs in Plains of Ethariel also give good Crit components. Then use the gem you created in Step 1. White items may seem useless but they’re a great way to get basic components like blades, hilts and staffs.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Blacksmithing the Best Skill Ever

But occasionally you get to craft a weapon or piece of armor that boosts your abilities far beyond what the game expects you to have at that point so I’d say it’s worth smelting. Mastercrafted equipment gets a bonus based on what type of item it is. Antelopes give some good components. There are four total trainers reckonign Blacksmithing found throughout The Faelands.