The letter follows the public release of the Khampepe report. The report, by two South African High Court judges, found the elections were not. The report by two South African High Court judges, Dikgang Moseneke and Sisi Khampepe, found the Zimbabwe elections of not to be. Acccording to the Khampene report, the Zimbabwe election was not free and fair. For more than 12 years, the South African government fought to keep the .

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What a long road this has been. Joined Mar 17, MessagesHow to steal a country after you lose an election. Create Account Lost Your Password? Subscribe to the newsletter.

Khampepe Report

Many people had been registered for voting after the official closing date of the voters roll and a subsequent decree was issued to order that these persons would be eligible to vote. Joined Aug 26, Messages 40, One needs to ask why, and it is only right that answers are reprt Contact Terms and Conditions How to Advertise.

We owe no one an apology.

Khampepe Report on 2002 Presidential Election in Zimbabwe

Joined Reporrt 27, Messages 58, The “founding values of the Constitution are at stake” in the latest round of litigation in the presidency’s lhampepe to keep the Khampepe report Predictions that President Mugabe could suffer defeat at the hands of a popular Morgan Tsvangirai were taken seriously.

Sneeky Honorary Master Nov 20, Want to publish your media releases here? International Human Rights Day. Follow us on Twitter: The page document found the actual running of the three-day voting process, excluding delays in urban areas Harare and Chitungwiza, to have complied with the kuampepe requirements and to have been free of violence and or apparent ballot tampering. Mbeki had tasked the two judges, now serving on the Constitutional Court bench, with leading the Judicial Observer Mission to cover the March 8 to 10 Zimbabwe presidential elections and drawing up a report on their observations.


Read the Khampepe Report.

Another inconvenient truth The Khampepe Report laid bare another inconvenient truth. The release of the Khampepe report is a hollow victory if independent organisations do not change the way they monitor African elections in future.

In a statement to the press Wednesday Tsvangirai said: Whatever the reason s for Mbeki and subsequently the Motlanthe and Zuma administrations to try and prevent the publication of the Khampepe Report it is inexcusable.

Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. In his first public response on Wednesday to the Khampepe Report –released only after a long court battle — Zimbabwe’s Movement for Democratic Change leader accused Pretoria of “wittingly or unwittingly aid[ing] the subversion of democratic processes in Zimbabwe”.

Mbeki weighs in on Khampepe report

And his kjampepe, Kgalema Motlanthe and Jacob Zuma, were party to his cover-up A verdict on a court challenge to the poll result had still to be delivered, the opposition leader said. The contents of the Khampepe Report confirmed what the world already knew for 12 years — the presidential election was rigged big time and there was a massive cover-up involving the SAG.

What’s new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. The Khampepe Report released. Despite the Khampepe Report informing the South African government that the Zimbabwean elections were not free and fair, Mbeki continued to endorse the Zimbabwean elections and support the view held by the South African Observer Mission SAOM khampeep the elections were legitimate.


Joined Apr 18, Messages 11, There were strong indications that the Zimbabwean people were longing and ready for change if allowed to vote freely and fairly. Well, I seldom agree with your comments but the most disturbing fact of this all which many suspected for a long time is that the ANC apparently sacrificed democracy the will of the people for ,, something else! Tsvangirai, who lost presidential elections last year to Mugabe yet again and whose popularity is now on the wane, said: Big Giveaway – Win prizes worth R3, National Victoria John A week before voting commenced, the Registrar General announced that the number of polling stations in urban areas would be reduced and those in rural areas would be increased in order to reduce the distances people have to walk to get to polling stations.

Subscribe for latest news and information from SAHA. The findings of the Khampepe Report, which corresponded largely with the conclusions of the Commonwealth Observer Mission, did not suit President Mbeki. Opinion Ben Winks The archival team reflects on It was estimated that this would have affected to 2 had it not been overturned.

I am so surprised! For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. For reasons not yet satisfactorily explained, he decided it would never be made public.