John Steakley only published two relatively obscure novels in his life. The first, published in , was Armor, and while taking clear inspiration. John Steakley’s ARMOR (, Daw) is regarded, in many ways, as a companion to Heinlein’s STARSHIP TROOPERS. In interviews given at. “Kent put me on the ship and sent me off, still in his armor the whole time. When they tried to find out what was going on, he blocked them.

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But I won’t discuss the psy factor much, that’s one of main reading pleasure for this book. Steakley had lived to complete the sequel.

Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. He’s quiet and resentful, lamenting the futility of war, especially on an intergalactic scale. It’s nice to see someone discussing Steakley instead of responding with “Huh? In Sreakley Felix cries out at an ant that they attacked Earth. Srmor has not lost count of his drops, but somehow his superiors lost track While this Sisyphean struggle is going on, a second narrative runs throughout the book. I read about Armor on John Scalzi’s blog and decided to give it a shot.

In Felix, we have a genuine sci-fi superhero, and we share with him some of his worst and darkest moments.


During the attack, the soldier they planned on using as a bomb is killed, rendering him useless. See all books by John Steakley.

Praise Praise for Armor: Jack strikes a deal where, in exchange for Borglyn saving his life, he will infiltrate and sabotage the Fleet research project on Sanction so Borglyn can access its limitless Fleet power source to refuel his ship, and continue on his deserter way.

Armor by John Steakley 35 53 Aug 13, ARMOR is most definitely a classic, and a book you can return to again and again. Thanks for being his friend and for whatever motivation and support you gave him while he was writing his books.

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One of my all-time favorite sci-fi’s from an author who has not done anything nearly as well since. View all 35 comments.

This is a book that I recommend to friends, and have on more than one occasion given as a gift. Concept art by Adam Lucas According to Wikipedia, a sequel was in the works at the time of Steakley’s death: We follow Felix from his first drop on into the war on Banshee apparently the home world of the Ants.


We are experiencing technical difficulties. In the ensuing chaos on board the ship, Kent grabs Felix and helps him escape from the fleet before ultimately being killed himself by the ship’s trigger-happy security. The Engine and the suit become synonymous at times. The narrative of the novel alternates between Felix and Jack Crow. Felix is the ultimate soldier in his Armorwreaking havoc on the hordes of enemy 1, “ants” that attack any military landing on the planet.


Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. None of this came to pass, although he did release excerpts of Armor II online excerpts that are now almost impossible to find.

The survival rate for the standard, heavily-armored troops on their first drop is low. One of Armor’s most interesting aspects is way the three people who are tapping the suit’s memories react to Felix. Chronicles of the Black Company.

See all reviews. Where is the explanation for the strategy?

It’s uninteresting and repetitive. It’s beautiful the way Steakley wrote this.

Armor (Literature) – TV Tropes

It ends in one of those mystery like endings as the story’s tied up but we don’t get all the details as to what happened. And some of my friends gave solid 5 star for this book.

A morally questionable character with views and opinions that are just as questionable, he is a tough man who does not hesitate to kill.