the Name It, Claim It Game and the SPEC Technique by Helen Hadsell Helene was a good woman and she had great information. 2 Contesting: The Name It and Claim It Game Contesting: The Name the first entry in his full name, Chris Vince Hadsell; for the second entry. Helen Hadsell. Books By Helen Hadsell. Most Popular Books Contesting: The Name It and Claim It Game: Wineuvers for Wishcraft. Helen Hadsell. from: N/A.

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The company that sponsored the telephone contest was kind enough to send a check, in lieu of the phone service for a year. I explained the recent stove purchase. Formica thought about that, too. I believe it, because, as I continue to study mind power, I am amazed at what one is capable of doing by right or by wrong thinking.

She was sooo interesting. So we agreed to give color more thought. Some of you might call this technique self-hypnosis, programming, or plain stupidity, since drugs were available to keep me knocked out.

Contesting: The Name It and Claim It Game: Wineuvers for Wishcraft

For example our trip to Disneyland stipulated a trip for a family of four there are five Hadsells yet they included hhe of us,gave us extra pass books for the park activities, plus a generous spending allowance. Imagine kissing perfect strangers.

The show would be continued after lunch. So, I recommend, to play any game successfully, train your faculty of imagination.

She turned to give me a weak smile, as if saying, “Well, I’ll be. We had a fun time on this project alone. I was so positive; I could almost touch it by now. They informed us that if there was any financial concern over taxes, they heldne help us with this so we would not be hekene by turmoil, or taxes, and turn against this good fortune.


He decided on two small dried peas.

Helene Hadsell and Her SPEC Technique

The representatives from the companies were most kind, and usually we got things not included on the prize list. The family pool of offering encouragement, suggestions, and ideas, plus their positive thinking, made it a most gratifying, family, helebe activity. The fact that we did win the first time we entered helped us gain confidence.

Talk about excitement, that really was one of the many highlights in the Hadsell family’s fun-‘n-game times.

I admit I had my beginning with the willto-win-contests’ goal, but then something exciting happened to open a whole, new concept for me.

I drew a beautiful picture of my nose. You may find this a bold hadssell egotistical book. After being chosen, I suggested they look at the answers given by the partner playing the game, then mentally project that answer to the person that was to give the correct answer.

May I go hadesll on a tangent and explain why I wanted to meet Mr.

The Name It And Claim It Game – ContestQueen

He came back a few minutes later with a pair of pliers and a flexible piece of wire. I could see both of them perk up. Some of the following suggestions were given by students that attended my classes not necessarily available from contests.

I’ll never know, but I can guess, can’t I? The same names appear on top of the hadseell list.

Helene Hadsell and Her SPEC Technique | Quantum Mind Success

About three weeks later, I won a fourteeninch, portable TV in a local radio contest. Again, let me reassure you, there are never any failures, only a cclaim in results. Only thirty youths, fifteen girls and fifteen boys, were selected. They were familiar with the program, I was not. I hope you never are. My body does not control me. I began typing and getting it on paper from the notes I gathered.


My, what an exciting opportunity. One of the techniques we were taught in the Course was to stop and control bleeding, and nam control pain.

I did not entertain any negative ideas about anyone being hame, but when the strong hunch prompted me to investigate, I did, and I was correct. When I sent off my three entries, Haadsell used the same positive thinking I had applied to my “motor win. Arasa rated it really liked it Aug 23, She confessed that she was amazed how quickly everything fell into place.

What is it made of? He still corresponds with several youths he met on the excursion.

A female characteristic of mine. One might say at this point, ‘This is unreal,” but let me assure you it is fact. This simply reminded me to give my projects energy by thinking about them. Requirements were to use one or more “Linde Star sapphires” on the piece of jewelry you designed. Gqme could still be news forthcoming via telephone or wire.

I even got specific and made it white with blue upholstery. I had watched the “Art Linkletter Show” on occasion, and always found iy program to be sincere, wholesome, and entertaining.

Several months later, he returned to Dallas, left the quartet, took a job locally, and they got married. We were informed this is necessary to avoid awarding top prizes to people who are not eligible because they hadn’t followed all the rules. Refresh and try again.

Suffice it to say, we won: Lists with This Book.