HAMEG. OSCILLOSCOPE HM Specification. TLOPL HH4E. Vertical Deflection (Y). Bandwidth: of both channels. DC MHz (-3dB), DC MHz (- 6dB). HM analog oscilloscope. Discontinued. More info in German for HM at ยท Manual for HM here. Timebase The HM timebase incorporates an LPS trigger circuit, a new technique developed by HAMEG. The complete triggering process is carried out by a.

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In other words, the instrument may not be put into operation in explosive, corrosive, dusty, or moist en- vironments. Pay attention to the Overscanning Indication see next paragraph.

However, a complete recalibra- tion of the oscilloscope should not be attempted by an inexperienced operator, but only someone with suffient expertise. Only one LED will be on, if both traces are in the same area out of the raster.

By adjusting the seven position delay range switch and twenty turn precision fine control the commencement of the trace can be set just prior to the short time interval to be investigated.

SI nately tightened turn by turn, otherwise the CRT might be misaligned again. It also con- tains a compartment which can be used for accessories and tools. For a better understanding of these Operating Instructions the front panel picture at the end of these instructions can be unfolded for reference alongside the text.

Missing deflecting plate voltages is probably caused by a defect in the power supply. The correct display is shown in the following figure. Overscanning; indicated by 2 LED’s.

Sweep Delay Ranges 7 decade steps, ns – 1 s with fine control, ratio 10 ; 1. This termination should be used to I terminate signal generators and koax -cables which have a 50 ohm characteristic impedance.

Oscilloscope HM412

Calibration of the Vertical Amplifier A square-wave voltage of mVpp is present at the mini-socket marked with a square-wave.


If no video signal is available, the function of the “TV” button can be checked using mains or the built-in calibrator signal. To obtain a stably triggered display in these cases, it may be necessary to use the timebase variable control or the sweep delay facility. If AC coupling has to be used then a separate 1 Megohm resistor will be re- quired to achieve the neccessary DC bias voltage for the diodes. Due to the probe capacity it is only recommended for use with relatively low impedance and low frequency sources.

This means that the sensitivity range and in- put impedance are identical for both the X and Y axes. The instrument has a plug-in unit at the rear. Specification Dimensions mm 62×21 x According to experience, this is rarely necessary. The blanking of the CRT is controlled by an opto-coupler.

Oszilloskop HM Equipment HAMEG GmbH, Frankfurt, build

Check for a negligible trace widening and periodic shadowing in the chopped mode. However, when in- vestigating signals at frame rate, the “TV” pushbut- ton must be depressed. If the DC potential of the ramp output voltage is not required then a capacitor should be connected in series with the out- put connector. Both the trigger and delayed conditions are indicated by LED’s. The manual supplied with each instrument covers the operating procedure, circuit diagrams, PCB layouts, test and service instructions are also included.

In this case, the bandwidth on the vertical amplifier must be considerably 41 than the repetition fre- quency of the signal. The LED is located above the timebase switch to the right. We regret that transportation damage due to poor packaging is not covered by this warranty.

Time Measurements As a rule, all signals to be displayed are periodically repeating processes and can also be designated as periods. Capacitance com- pensating range pF. HZ 37 Oscilloscope Probe x 1 00 Hwmeg HZ 38 is a x 10 attenuator probe which has been specially designed for the investigation of relatively high frequency signals.


A sine-wave signal of OOkHz is applied to the amplifier input. Input impedance 10 Megohm. For many differential measurements it is advantageous not to connect both the probe ground leads to the test circuit. Miscellaneous The ramp output voltage of hmeg sweep generator can be derived from a BNC connector mounted on the rear panel of the instrument.

Oscilloscope HM Equipment HAMEG GmbH, Frankfurt, build

In this case, the vertical input coupling should be set to “AC”. Furthermore, both slide switch- es in the timebase section should be set to their uppermost hamsg.

Pay attention, therefore, to this indication. Ventilation holes are provided in the case so that instruments with a maximum consumption of 30 Watts can be operated in the case. Thus for each operating mode and switch position, a signal with the ap- propriate sine or square waveform, frequency, amplitude, risetime and duty cycle is required.

As a precaution however, the voltage for the vertical deflecting plates approx. This high voltage is on both the CRT socket and the vertically positioned PC-board sur- rounding the socket. Y Overscanning Indication Two light-emitting diodes, located above the vertical input attenuators, show any overscanning of the usable screen dimensions in the vertical direction. The following Test Instruc- tions indicate only those tests which can be perform- ed without the use of expensive ancillary in- struments.

For RF suppres- sion the output signal is derived via a low-pass filter.

For higher frequencies, and when the signal source is of low impedance, a cable of matched characteristic impedance usually 50Q is recommended. All values to be measured can therefore be det,ermined relatively accurately.