Technical Spares. User Manual, GSI Product Code: Other Product Code: Manufacturer: Grason Stadler. Instruction Manual, GSI Direct calibration for TDH headset and bone vibrator. THE COMPLETE CLINICAL AUDIOMETER. AND MORE. The GSI 61 comes with everything you’ll need to. 2 GSI 61 NEW STANDARD IN CLINICAL AUDIOMETRY The GSI 61 is the versatile, making hearing aid evaluation easier than ever Direct calibration for TDH.

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If the second response does not occur, repeat this step. The SPL in each one-third octave band centered at each frequency is calibrated to a level 3 dB above the standard reference level for this frequency. Channel 1 and Channel 2 may be interlocked for simultaneous presentations or operated independently. If speech testing with recorded voice is to be performed, check that the CD or tape unit is connected and operating properly.

Indicates that there is no test data available to be erased or printed. Ail Ale List 3A 1. If the Remote is currently in use, this error message will be flashed: The Channel 1 and Channel 2 rotary controls adjust the intensity of the sound presented through the monitor headphone or speaker. Record this setting by pressing the Save pushbutton or by making a notation on an audiogram form. Digital Dictation Management Your time is the most valuable.

Continue this procedure until a reading of 80 to 90 dB HL is reached or until the patient indicates that the sound is painful. High Frequency Audiogram Audiometric Symbols Left Ear Response No Response Description Air conduction, unmasked, phone or insert Air conduction, masked, phone or insert Bone conduction, mastoid, unmasked Bone conduction, mastoid, masked Bone conduction, forehead, masked Right Ear Response No Response Description Air conduction, unmasked, phone or insert Air conduction, masked, phone or insert Bone conduction, mastoid, unmasked Bone conduction, mastoid, masked Bone conduction, forehead, masked Non-ear Specific Response No Response Description Bone conduction, forehead, unmasked Sound field, aided or unaided Rev.

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Turn on the instrument and allow it to come to operating temperature. The record specifies the control operation using a function code which defines the group of controls and a sub-function code which defines the specific parameter to select of the function to perform. The testing of the LCD display. Choose the features needed today and upgrade easily to the additional features as your needs grow in the future.

This ear will receive the tone at a fixed intensity. Continue until the patient has difficulty with the words. Introduction from 8 kHz to 20 kHz for ototoxic drug monitoring. However, at no time will the hearing level limit exceed dB HL. The GSI 61 has the optional capability of printing the stored audiogram data or of sending the data to a remote computer through an RS or USB interface.

All our products sold, come with a certificate of calibration, using Larson Davis testing instruments The new frequency is selected when the pushbutton is released. To check for either condition, turn on the GSI The scorer is displayed in the test status area of the Status screen.

Repeat this procedure with the other ear.

Check that the transducers and other system components are operating properly. This quick-start guide contains all the More information.

Start 20 dB above the Hz pure tone threshold level. Instruct the patient to indicate when the two frequencies appear to be equal in loudness. Number 1 in operator control and monitoring From simple operator keypads and mobile devices to flexible Multi Panels: Masking noise may be routed to the contralateral ear through Channel 2.

The Novus features a touch screen display and user-friendly software in a compact hardware design. Doesn t that sound great? Retest Hz followed by Hz and Hz. This section describes some special test procedures that can be used with the GSI 61 Clinical Audiometer.

If White Noise is selected on one channel only, calibration will be made to the stimulus type on the opposite channel. Name Date Your audiogram Loud Soft db 10 0 10 20 maunal 40 50 60 70 80 90 Low pitched High pitched Hz Normal hearing Mild hearing loss. Often the error will be cleared by this action.


Gsi 61 audiometer service manual pdf – Google Docs

Mount the Talkback microphone in the sound room using the hardware provided. W-1 is a constant level recording; W-2 is a descending level recording. If they do not, the instrument should receive technical service before further use.

Start display at page:. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. You’ll never hear us say “turns on, no other means of testing” or “sold as is”.

Grason-Stadler GSI 61 Manual Rev B

If the RTS signal is false at the start of a transmission, or goes false during a transmission, the GSI 61 will wait for 6 seconds for the signal to return true.

When the Single Insert Phone option is used, it must be plugged into the left insert phone output. The information contained herein is subject Audiomrter information. Box Products Secure high-speed surfing and convenient telephoning over the Internet www. Grason-Stadler shall not be responsible for any indirect, special or consequential damages, even if notice has been given in advance of the possibility of such damages.

Flex offers screening and diagnostic air conduction audiometry. The results of pure tone audiometry are recorded on a chart or form called More information. All records are formatted with a predefined, fixed length format. The Accuracy of 0 db HL as an Assumption of Normal Hearing Introduction An operating assumption of diagnostic audiology is that hearing level of a young adult with no known hearing loss or history of noise.

Page 44 Connect the optional speaker cable to the connector marked Speaker on the rear of the GSI If so, it will mamual cancelled.