Containment [Christian Cantrell, William Dufris] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As Earth’s ability to support human life begins to diminish. Containment (Containment, book 1) by Christian Cantrell – book cover, description, publication history. Cantrell’s debut takes a technically detailed, hard-SF look at possible planetary colonization of Venus. Arik is part of Generation V (for Venus).

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Christian Ca Living in space is hard. Containment is a rather nifty science fiction novel, rife with fascinating ideas and twists. This makes it very difficult to figure out which timeline is being told in a particular chapter, similar to what my friend Chip said in his review.

Update Oct After recently purchasing book two, I knew I’d have to give this one another go. The players in the cohtainment are very one-dimensional. The biggest problem is the characterizations, which are conrainment slowly and minimally christjan, so that the emotional content of the narrative is buried under the hard science and ideas.

Thirdly, a whole generation has been born and raised but no one died in that time? A g A recommendation from a colleague. This kind of world building is repeated on eve This review is based on the ebook sample Rating: As Arik graduates from school and is ready to use his incredible skills for the purpose of improving the colony, he is asked contaibment participate in the most important unsolved problem A1 has.


I would’ve given this book 5 stars if it weren’t for the unresolved ending. Arik had reached his peak character development, and most of the new things that we learn about V1 are kind of irrelevant. I read this book after reading the confainment one Equinox and wanting to learn more about the back story.

Book review : Containment, by Christian Cantrell –

Then there was the ending. Chritsian, sort of, but the way it was handled was pretty cool, and it was fun to read a story centered on scientific problem solving. That kind of boring detail, well it’s basically the same in this. Jul 23, Parajunkee rated it did not like it Shelves: Characterization is almost nonexistent, and really, not much actually happens to the characters until the last quarter of the book.

But Arek had an accident that caused a brain injury. What happened to Earth?

Containment (Christian Cantrell)

As Arik works on solving containmenr mystery he discovers after recovering from a near-fatal accident, he stumbles across a secret bigger than he would ever have imagined. Cantrell does well is describing systems engineering. There are action scenes that jar you out of the explicative with such force, I found myself needing to stop for a breather before continuing.

Containment has an element of oral history to it, as well, that I really enjoyed. I gotta be honest: I often found it difficult to tell if I was reading about Arik in the present or if it was his past until some canrell pages into the chapter clarified the setting.


In the end, Containment had many of the makings of being a modern hard sf classic, but unfortunately was unable to put them together in a satisfying way.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Well I know there is a guy woke from a coma with a pregnant wife. But then his wife, Kate, becomes mostly a non-character. Should he successfully solve the problem, he might be erased from the colony.

But all this exposition often comes at the expense of story flow. The book isn’t perfect. To make things a little more rough on Arik, his wife Cadie is now three months pregnant.

Ie 10 per year for 10years. Arik is the the most intelligent person ever and he and his wife, the second most intelligent person ever, have to come up with a way better colonize the planet because she is pregnant. Aug 23, Christine Blachford rated it really liked it. It was part technical, part mystery, and apparently just as good the second read through, with the exception of one thing He has a gift for explaining advanced technology simply without being overdone. First a ‘now’ chapter, then a ‘recent past’ chapter, then a ‘far past’ chapter, then back cxntrell ‘now’