The VPN policy configuration creates a Tunnel Interface between two end points. Static or Dynamic routes can then be added to the Tunnel Interface. The Route. Configuring Tunnel Interface (static route-based) VPN using Enterprise Command Line. Last Updated: 12/6/ Views 9 Users found this article helpful. How to Configure a Tunnel Interface VPN (Route-Based VPN) between two SonicWall UTM appliances ยท Configuring a Tunnel Interface VPN with DHCP Relay.

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Jul 31, I will post back if I run into more tunneling problems, which I probably will.

Enough that it is very often that both tunnels are down. Dec 13, When I setup the second tunnel, I get “Error: It helped us a lot. I don’t see the serve’s struggling to crunch the encryption. Something has translated from the source local IP. We haven’t changed anything on the Sonicwall side, I suspect this is some sort of Amazon issue, specific to the “redundant” tunnel. Group 2 Text file value: Connections – I have strict routing enabled.


AWS Developer Forums: Help with SonicWall and IPSec VPN

Now make sure you have a route added for src: Click here to go to the product suggestion community. I’m sorry, but I get a bit lost in all the different subnets and start loosing the overview of sonicwll is located where.

I’ve tried a range of OK, here is my UTM route table. This falls within the default L2TP subnet May 16, Feb 16, Apr 28, 9: The tunnel interface is configured with the internal IP address. Are the tunnels reliable and persistent? I always had issues if strict routing isn’t enabled.

When it works it’s great. This question is answered.

IPSec VPN with SonicWALL – Redirecting traffic over VPN

Sure go ahead and set them both up – just know which tunnel data you’re reading from. My traffic on the remote machine In reply to Bobby Tables:.

I’m not sure why you are using NAT. We are not able to get the tunnel working. I also have seen tunnels dropping sporadically. So, I am waiting to see if it will be stable or not. I have remedied the remaining communication issues by following your original recommendation of disabling NAT traversal options on both appliances. Thanks so much for your post! Used this blog as a guide: Apr 3, 3: Enabled VPN Policy bound to: Fwiw, it’s only the second tunnel that drops sporadically, and it can stay up for days, and then drop lots, and then stay up again.