Action. What most poker players crave. The more they play, the more they need. Understanding this principle, one sees how poker’s recent. Alive4r. Alive4r’s picture. Collin Moshman: Heads-Up No-Limit Hold ’em. Has anyone of you read this book and what do you think about it? Top. Heads-Up No-Limit Hold ’em has 90 ratings and 4 reviews. Al said: Excellent read. Does an Collin Moshman (Goodreads Author). · Rating details ·

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Alex Gorodinsky rated it really liked it Jun 09, This is clearly a situation to avoid. Even so, as anyone who has played cash games and tournaments knows full well, one often finds oneself after the flop in heads-up situations, in which case many of the concepts and strategies expounded on in Moshman’s book should be of benefit to all poker players.

Anthony Holden’s ‘Holden on Hold’em’. Another variation on three-betting is the three-overbet.

Heads-Up No-Limit Hold ’em : Expert Advice for Winning Heads-Up Poker Matches

While the book is not specifically geared toward the beginner who probably should not be starting with heads-up games, anywayHeads-Up No-Limit Hold’em is nevertheless written for a wide audience, and both intermediate and advanced players should benefit significantly from Moshman’s instruction.

When your opponent does play back, you need to be careful.

A pleasant suprise was the discussions of post flop play which I believe would help a beginner improve their hand reading skills something seldom addressed in most poker literature. Throughout this part and the book as a wholeMoshman unambiguously favors aggression as the “one common moshmam to all consistently winning styles of heads-up play. Play and exploit each of the most common playing styles, 3.


These discussions range from the general e. You have shown significant strength, and, due to your earlier tightness, there is no reason for him to believe you are cllin.

Now let us modify each of the criteria and consider their effects on our decision. Jul 18, Keanu rated it it was amazing. Play and exploit the most common playing styles 3. Against such a small reraise, it is unlikely your opponent will fold preflop.

But it has potential.

News: Poker Book Classics: Heads-Up No Limit Hold’em by Collin Moshman

Exploit your opponents tendencies and perceptions through metagame mastery, and 7. You have been folding to most button raises, and you now make a small reraise. Poker Off Season in Vegas. But against a different type of opponent, this play moshmab and should become a money loser. This is an excellent time to execute a three-overbet by reraising all-in.

Or use your PokerNews account: Blekknajt rated it really liked it Oct 23, Attack button limps, bluff multiple streets, and play aggressively 5.

Heads-up confrontations can occur in any game, even when every seat is occupied. So mastering this form of poker can be invaluable for those seeking to add a winning loose-aggressive component to their game. Cicali III rated it really liked it Jul 24, Thus might one argue that Heads-Up No-Limit Hold’em warrants a place on any serious poker player’s bookshelf, including the bookshelves of those players who do not fancy themselves heads-up specialists.

So it is likely he has the best hand. While Heads-Up No-Limit Hold’em might appear a highly specialized book in what is already an admittedly specialized category i.


Walterfrosch rated it really liked it Dec 27, Sam Schimek rated it liked it Feb 10, Maximize your profits through game theory and business concepts. If you miss the flop and he calls or raises, you are done with the hand unless you improve to a strong holding on the turn. One also finds in this part more particular issues being addressed, such as the “hit-to-win” approach one sometimes finds taken by the tight-passive player. The next part, “Crucial Heads-Up Concepts and Situations,” is the longest of the book, comprising over a third of its length.

How can you possibly give this a final reading date Lists with This Book. To continue our discussion facing button raises, we now address three-betting in more detail.

We’ve seen how no-limit games tend to attract far more players than their limit counterparts. Jason Velasco rated it it was amazing Apr 04, Nov 09, Al rated it really liked it Shelves: Manipulate the pot size based on your hand and your opponent 4. Maximize your heads-up profits uup game theory and fundamental business concepts. Open Preview See a Problem? Heads-up confrontations can occur in any game, even when every seat is occupied.