Economic history. Chisumbanje Ethanol Plant: Institutional frameworks and implications for land use of public private sector development initiatives in the rural. Chisumbanje Ethanol Plant: Zimbabwe’s milestone: The resumption of operations at the Chisumbanje Ethanol Plant and the subsequent uptake of the E The Chisumbanje Ethanol Project is a national project of great strategic importance where ethanol is produced from sugarcane. The project.

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I was once a Mugabe zealot: Do you consult locals before or after commencing a project of this magnitude? The allegations of racism at the Company were not fully substantiated.

Care must be taken that drinking sources for people and livestock are not linked or exposed to the fertilizer rich by-product water from the ethanol plant, which is recycled for irrigation. Alleged Mugabe cronies kept offshore firms years after UN…. Rehabilitate stadiums, then shift football seasons.

With regard to the Social and Community issues, the key suggestion is that all households that were displaced or mishandled must be compensated and resettled. Alleged Mugabe cronies kept offshore firms years after UN alert raised.

Chisumbanje – Wikipedia

InARDA embarked on chixumbanje turnaround strategy and drive to find investment partners to rehabilitate their properties and pursue a vibrant social responsibility agenda for the benefit of the rural population, which to date has been successful.

Bindura Ran Mine employees resist eviction newsday November 20, Bindura town came to a standstill as residents and employees of Ran mine staged a rare protest against pending evictions by insensitive These are some of the issues which convince me and Gutter that the way this project was conceived, designed and implemented flouted the basic principles of commerce.


February 3, at 7: Last updated Sep 22, 0. Last year, the interministrial Cabinet committee resolved to tackle the challenges dogging the Chisumbanje ethanol project. Zimpost revenue dips on working capital constraints. January 19, at 2: All the recommendations to resolve the social and community issues must be implemented with urgency.

It is unfortunate that some of these crops were insensitively ploughed down by the Company.

Chisumbanje ethanol project set to restart

In fact, with the correct pricing of ethanol and effective marketing there might be no need for mandatory blending. You might also like More from author.

It must reflect regional and global pricing of ethanol, and take cognizance of the low caloric value of ethanol. Mutambara proposes road-map for elections. Background to the Land. Archived at the Wayback Machine.

Once the issues raised in this report are addressed, and the plant is fully operational it might be possible for Government to explore the possibility of a motor manufacturing plant using Brazilian technology so that a few models that use high ethanol content can be assembled locally. Committee members visited Chisumbanje on the 22nd and 26th of August, on a fact finding mission, and met in Harare on the 3rd and 17th of September to discuss their findings and to start the process of building a portfolio of solutions that will put the project back on its course.

Next Post Zimbabwe — The tragedy chisumvanje waiting. The resolution of the challenges should be proffered in ways that protect the integrity of the government while engaging all the stakeholders involved and affected.


Nyabadza noted that the group was investing in irrigation and pumping infrastructure to meet the anticipated production increase. Furthermore some of the displaced households must be accommodated as sugarcane out-growers, and producers chisumbqnje other products and services, to the Ethanol Project.

Long term and sustainable solutions should be found to these issues based on a thorough and technical analysis of the problems instead of politicizing the issue. As per Statutory Instrument 17 ofwhich states that ethanol purchased for the purposes of mandatory blending shall be obtained from licensed ethanol producers in a joint venture partnership with government through Arda, has a 10 percent shareholding in Green Fuel.

Inthe Research Station confirmed a potential 40, hectares of irrigable soils and, thereafter, the Chisumbanje Development Company Pvt Ltd was registered in to promote the mandate of irrigation and development on the 40, hectares.

The disputed figures on the numbers of workers vs. This presentation encapsulates the collective and considered position of an inclusive set of Ministers who set out to address some tough matters. Prev Post Stunning Elizabeth Tsvangirai in pictures. The actual price should be January 19, at 3: Zimbabwe — The tragedy of waiting. These should include feedstock schemes, general infrastructure provision, schools, and clinics.

The area is arid because it lies in a valley and crop yields are generally poor thus it is prone to food insecurities.