While we’re on the subject of connecting the COMMODORE 64 to other pieces of “BASIC Conversions Handbook, Apple, TRS-. 80, and PET”, David A. Brain. C=commodore. COMPUTER. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page This online edition of the Commodore 64 User Manual is an offspring of months of work. I’ve tried my best to make it look and feel as much as the original paper.

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More than one waveform can be selected at the same time except for handbuc, because of a lame bug in the SID-chip. These are the keys:.

Commodore 1581

I won’t handbucn here what synchronization or ring modulation is – read some manuals Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. If you fail to receive a package when ebay says you should have Please don’t panic! For example, the effect called “2” will slide the pitch down.

These are pictures of the waveforms on the C It’s done by changing very fast between the notes in the choord, instead of playing them at the same time. How an instrument will sound is defined by 8 envelopes it is important that you remember that a sound is made by the 8 envelopes! The first ” 0 ” is the effect-number, and the last 2 ” 00 “‘s are the effect-parameter. Games like the Ultima series of role-playing games come on several disks and will d64 much easier to play if they are in their own directory.


I’ll advice handnuch to atleast try out all the effects.

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Pattern Break instead of Dxx. What will happen if you make an envelope 0 points long? Transpose up all instruments. Apart from writing notes and instrument-numbers, you can also write an effect on each pattern-line. The bigger difference the greater amount of swing.

A pattern can be between 0 n’ lines long, where each line can contain a note in each of the C64’s 3 channels. Init was the best-selling home computer and was given the “Computer of the Year” award by International Computer Magazine. We do ship internationally We will combine multiple purchases into whatever box the items will fit in without hurting Contents. You will learn some things which makes it easier to edit a pattern, if you read on:.

Yes, there can be more than one song in one file in Cyber-Tracker, just like there can be in most other CMzxEditors.

This will set the waveform. Program was loaded and tested immediately before listing. This is NOT true when other waveforms are selected toghether with Pulse – it’s only true for the Pulse-waveform alone! This sets the lower nybble of the “control-register” this probably only makes sense for people knowing a little about the sid. When you reach the last disk, the SD2IEC will simply start the list over and select the first disk again.


If you use values above 8, it means that you select noise together with other waveforms. From the hardware there is a Reset – and a Freezer -Function. The test-bit will turn the channel off when set to 1. Many Commodore datasettes exist for the VIC A good idea when making patterns is to make the patterns as short as possible.

The meaning of the value is the same as in the waveform-envelope in the instrumenteditor.

The hardware of the FC3 has several functions. Where to get new versions, support, report bugs It’s just a little text-editor.

Set Global Volume Default: You press one key together with yandbuch. You shouldn’t keep any EDx-effects in your song permanently, coz’ all the lines under the EDx effect will waste memory.

Lieferung am oder vor dem Fr. Once the card is formatted its now ready to be prepared for use.

SD2IEC Manual (How to use the SD2IEC on the C64) – The Geek Pub

As said before, the x-axis is measured in ticks – each pixel on the x-axis in the envelope is one tick. If you press “q” you will see “C-4”. This is usefull for example if u wanna give the point a very precise y-value.