Tube BY or Röhre BY ID, Solid-State-Diode, Wires and Power- supply shown. Radio tubes are valves. BY from American Microsemiconductor, Inc.. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. Description: Rectifier Diode. Download. Semiconductors, trsansistors, diodes, IC’s BY/ NTE Equvilent NTE RECTIFIER SILICON V PRV IF=2A DO CASE NTE Data Sheet.

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Image data and associated scanner identifying information transmitted from the controllersto the host processor via the network are first received at the host processor by the interface Located at the customer premises 5 are gas meter 10 A, electric meter 10 B and water meter 10 C. Functionally, programmable logic arrays A, B and C are used dayasheet bus control and, depending on the address and data that microprocessor is currently executing, provide the proper logic levels and timing that are required to communicate with PC- bus 62flash RAM and DRAM This application is a continuation-in-part of copending application Ser.

Data pump and microcontroller are configured to cellular operation dxtasheet software configuration which allows microcontroller to control the cellular phone firmware options which are cell phone manufacturer dependent.

Switch is connected to power source and level converterand receives switching control signals from controllerwhich control signals determine whether the switch permits power supplied to the switch from the source to flow to the level converterand thence to the controllable switchesand RF device via the subconnector Filter circuit permits the higher frequency, lower voltage portion of the telephone signal, which contains the caller ID information, to pass on to the remainder of modem 30 circuitry while blocking by1226 V ring portion of the telephone signal.

These and other features and advantages of the present invention will become apparent as the following Detailed Description proceeds and by16 reference to the Drawings, wherein like numerals depict like parts, and in which: System and method for efficient configuration in a fixed network automated meter reading system.

For example, the controllers in the remote controllers datashheet, may be programmed to initiate timed scanning of the meters and transfer of datashedt image data generated therefrom to the host processorthereby eliminating the need for read timer in host processor In the absence of instructions from the controller to the processor to transmit signals from the antennawhen the processor is activated, the processor does not supply control signals to the switchthereby causing the antenna and thus, also device to be in receive mode.


dioda germanium 126

Additionally, the utility can transmit information such as programming updates, service disconnect commands, new autonomous update mode times, and other control and system options or functions to the SFS to be downloaded to the RMP during its next autonomous update mode call.

Once these xiode have been powered up, the controller transmits to the microprocessor appropriate signals for indicating to the microprocessor that the collar portion has been removed from engagement with the face portion of the meter Reduced cost automatic meter reading system and method using locally communicating utility meters.

Otherwise, the controller maintains these components in a deactivated state. The Verma system comprises RDUs located at each customer’s premises for accumulating and reporting utility usage data from machine-readable utility meters at the premises, ddatasheet a utility data processor or UDP located at the utility site for collecting the usage data sent from the RDUs over a conventional telephone network.

Pk datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. Preferably, housing is made of a weather-resistant elastomeric material e.

Thus, microprocessor is able to determine which meter address, and thus which particular meter is to be read.

For meters which numerically indicate the meter reading, such as a meter using an odometer or digital display, an OCR system, such as Calera Recognition Systems OCR software, is used to convert the scan file into a signal representing usage data.

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Along with the IRQ signal, microprocessor is also sent an address signal which indicates b126 particular alarm register 82 from which the IRQ signal came. Upon receipt of this interrupt request signal from the switchcontroller is programmed to begin processing of an interrupt handler routine stored in program memorywhich routine includes among its processing steps, causing the controller to return to normal i.

Such access, dataasheet as a demand read, may be necessary when, for example, the utility needs to prepare a final bill because utility service to a customer is to be terminated or discontinued.

Synthesizer contains at least two programmable counter registers not shown of appropriate respective numbers of bits to accomplish the desired functionality therefor, which functionality will be described below. Each controlleralso comprises a paging signal reception system which is connected via a conventional 6-pin connector to the controller’s motherboard.


Preferably, this network takes the form of a wide area computer network, such as an Internet computer network, through which the controllers and the host processor exchange data via appropriate hardware and software e. Fuses are inserted in lines A and B for current limitation in the primary circuit of transformer If such change has occurred, the controller may be programmed to modify its internal listing of optical imaging devices within its control region, and negotiate e.

Utility companies, such as those providing electric, gas and water service, measure the consumption of their respective services by customers via meters attached to the customer premises. The CND function enables RMP 12 to detect when a particular call is the utility company seeking to access information rather than a third party placing a call to the customer. Also provided at the customer premises 5 is an Byy126 Such conventional systems are of two types: RMP 12 is capable of automatically accessing utility usage data from gas meter 10 A, electric meter 10 B and water meter 10 C and transmitting such data through CIM 14 datzsheet a wide band link If, however, it is determined that the above initialization has already been accomplished, upon awakening or booting up, the controller may determine whether it is desired to take a prescheduled read of the meters within its control region.

Such a function may be necessary when the RMP is having difficulty in transmitting information because the customer phone is in use viode the CIM utilized is the conventional telephone network.

In a similar fashion, microcontroller may be programmed to ascertain the age of electronic components of RF device critical to proper tuning of the device e. Microcontroller restores its previously stored status from the memories, and informs controller once controller is in a stable internal state for receipt of data, whereupon, controller transmits the data received from the RF device to the microcontroller Referring now to FIG.

Paging system reception means is continually supplied with power from the power source That is the current should always flow from the anode to cathode. Remote monitoring system, remote monitoring terminal and remote monitoring terminal control program.