Arthur Bradley, Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Literature and Critical Theory at Lancaster University, has written Originary Technicity as a. Life — Labour — Psyche — Being — The other — Time — Death. Arthur Bradley, Originary Technicity: The Theory of Technology from Marx to Predication as Originary Violence: A Phenomenological Critique of Derrida’s View.

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Arthur Bradley, Originary Technicity: The Theory of Technology from Marx to Derrida

Ramsha Tariq marked it as to-read Feb 03, That is to say, the objects of his instincts exist outside him, as objects independent of him; yet these objects are objects that he needs – essential objects, oritinary to the manifestation and confirmation of his essential powers. If the universe is the product of an inherently rational design, Heidegger argues, then Being itself can be seen to become think- able, calculable and manipulable in its essence and totality Introduction to Metaphysics, p.

Absorbing the sun’s rays into itself – trapping and storing their energy – it began to use that energy to convert the carbon dioxide in the water into an organic compound: For Heidegger, Christian creationism intensifies the reduction of phusis to a hylomorphic act of efficient causality or making that is already at work within Greek metaphysics. Request removal from index. And more – they had to be looked after. For when you went oruginary your little apologue about the disappearance of men, you forgot one thing, which is that men had to return in order to grasp the relation between the reflec- tion and the thing reflected.

Originary Technicity: The Theory of Technology from Marx to Derrida

Let me recite this fascinating little heuristic fiction in full: Current Continental Theory and Modern Philosophy. For Lacan, in other words, what the early Freud teaches us is that it is nec- essary to give a new description of the phenomenon of consciousness as something that exists quite independently of any experience of the thinking ego: That at any rate is what I would like you to accept, so that I can tell you a little apologue to aid your reflection.


braddley However, the physiological transformation of the body through the labour process can also be witnessed negatively: Now, in stark contrast to this view, Lacan seeks to pursue Freud’s radical insight in ‘The Ego and the Id’ that consciousness is little more than a kind of lens, screen or surface onto which the unconscious projects itself: History of Western Philosophy.

Caed Scott rated it really liked it Sep 27, I say men on account of the high value which you attribute to consciousness. As is now very well known, his the- sis is that the inherently contradictory logic of capitalism itself is what produces the conditions that will bring about its destruction: It is impor- tant to recall here that at the very beginning of his career, Derrida himself briefly but suggestively situated the impossible project of a sci- ence of writing – a grammatology – within a larger ‘scriptural turn’ at work in both information originzry and molecular biology which sought to transform life into a code or program: Skip to main content.

He confronts the materials of nature as a force of nature.

Originary Technicity: The Theory of Technology from Marx to Derrida by Arthur Bradley

In the end, consciousness only ‘returns’ because, in a more impor- tant sense, it has been waiting in the wings all along: To risk stating the blindingly obvious, Marx’s prediction of the demise of industrial capitalism in the Frag- ment on Machines has not come true – but what is perhaps more revealing about his philosophy of technology is why he thought it could in the first place.

For Marxian philosophers of technology, then, any appeal to an originary human essence that is only subsequently alienated by the advent of the age of the machine must be put into abeyance: Perhaps the most important – and neglected – aspect of the whole story of the camera, Lefebvre-Pontalis argues, is that human beings must come back into the world in order to apprehend the materiality of their own consciousness: It is striking, to start with, that – for all the ontological differences between them – the philosopher constantly describes the workings of nature via an analogy or comparison with technical pro- cesses.

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We made the machine, and it thinks what it has been told to think. Nicole Pepperell – origunary Derrida Today 2 2: This chapter explores Marx’s philosophy of technology from the anthropology articulated in early works like the Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts to technlcity theory of labour propounded in the Capital before concluding with the famous critique of machines in the Grundrisse.

For Derrida, then, the key question is – if anamnesis is unable to retain everything all by itself – then what helps it to do so, and his answer is, of course, hypomnetic supplements: The most complicated machines are made only with words [ne sont faites qu’avec des paroles].

Originary Technicity – Research Portal | Lancaster University

Perhaps most crucially from Derrida’s perspective, what techhicity the whole process of memory retention in Freud’s account is neither the qualitative nor even quite the quantitative substance o f the traces but rather the ‘ungraspable and invisible difference’ between them ‘Freud and the Scene of Writing’, p. Hansen objects, ‘it simply cannot be extended to cover the category of modern production’: James Lavender rated it liked it Mar 11, techniciyy It is important to begin by clarifying exactly what Marx means by the ‘machine’ in the industrial phase of capital because it differs from influential classical accounts by such figures origianry Pascal or Babbage.

The simple elements of the labour process are 1 purposeful activity, that is work itself 2 the object on which that work is performed and 3the instruments of that work. On the one hand, Zeug exists purely and simply for D asein: