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Sharma AM, Padwal R.

A genome-wide approach accounting for body mass index identifies genetic variants influencing fasting glycemic traits and insulin resistance. This is prior learning or a practical skill that is strongly recommended before enrolment in this module.

An important finding relates to the interactions between dietary macronutrient intake and exercise intensity on body mass and adiposity.

Coursework Only This module is reassessed solely on the basis of re-submitted coursework. Key stakeholders Evaluate the supporting role of key stakeholders in establishing links with children, parents, schools, coaches, communities and policy practitioners.

You may not earn additional credit for the same learning and therefore you may not enrol in this module if you have successfully completed any modules in the incompatible list. Kansas on sabbatical — Tamara Western; B. Tremblay A, Chaput JP.

We especially thank Dr. Analyse the role of key stakeholders in establishing positive health and physical activity in children. Introduction The main goal of the Quebec Family Study QFS as originally planned was to investigate the role of genetic factors in physical fitness, body composition, risk factors for common diseases and health related behavior. Traditional versus nontraditional risk factors and incidence of adult overweight and obesity in the Quebec Family Study.

Molecular and Genetic Aspects of Obesity. There is no repeat written examination. The main goal of the Quebec Family Study QFS as originally planned was to investigate the role of genetic factors in physical fitness, body composition, risk factors for common diseases and health related behavior. For instance, there is accumulating evidence supporting the role of reduced sleep as a contributor to obesity in adults and children [ 60 ]. Given the presence of familial resemblance for obesity-related phenotypes, further studies were undertaken to determine the extent to which this familial resemblance could be attributed to genetic differences and to assess the heritability of the underlying phenotypes.


Familial aggregation in physical fitness, coronary heart disease risk factors, and pulmonary function measurements.

Examples include eating in response to negative affect, overeating when others are eating, not being able to resist stimulation to eating and overeating in response to the palatability of the food. Cross-trait familial resemblance for body fat and blood lipids: Several DNA buchard were found to be associated with these phenotypes and evidence of gene-behavior interaction effects was reported. Am J Clin Nutr ; Module Recommendations This is prior learning or a practical skill that is strongly recommended before enrolment in this module.

In recent years, we reported evidence that nontraditional risk factors for obesity, especially short sleep duration, should receive more attention.

Aquacize with Carol Bouchard

Interestingly, this increase in the between-group difference in subcutaneous fat was essentially explained by an increase in truncal subcutaneous fat. As is well known, cause and effect relationships cannot be established from observational data.

Association and linkage studies based on candidate genes or molecular markers spanning the whole genome have been major tools used to identify genes influencing the common form of obesity in humans.

Factors that affect children and adolescents of both genders participation in sport, physical activity and exercise. Table 2 Familial correlations and heritability estimates for obesity-related phenotypes in the Quebec Family Study. Others have reported an effect of dietary calcium on energy and fat balance [ 7778 ]. Am J Clin Nutr. Legend of the x axis: Studies performed in QFS have examined the familial clustering of body fatness and various obesity-related traits such as abdominal fat [ 18 ], resting metabolic rate [ 19 ], blood pressure [ 20 ], fasting glucose and insulin levels [ 21 ], and blood lipids [ 22 ].


What predicts weight regain in a group of successful weight losers? Louisiana State University Press; Abdominal visceral fat is associated with a BclI restriction fragment length polymorphism at the glucocorticoid receptor gene locus.

Three studies from this cohort reported heritability estimates for phenotypes related to energy expenditure [ 11 — 13 ].

Yale on sabbatical — Physical Activity and Children. Effect of calcium from dairy and dietary supplements on faecal fat excretion: A similar pattern was observed for weight gain over a 6-year follow-up period.

fdaa | – eCalendar – McGill University

We subsequently demonstrated that waist circumference is a more convenient anthropometric correlate of visceral adipose tissue than waist-to-hip ratio because threshold values of waist girth corresponding to critical amounts of visceral adipose tissue do not appear to be influenced by sex or by the degree of obesity [ 47 ].

The online version of this article doi: J Clin Epidemiol ; Major gene influence on the propensity to store fat in trunk versus extremity depots: In summary, QFS has contributed significantly over the last three decades to our understanding of the etiology of obesity. After adjustment for age, socioeconomic status, and all other risk factors as covariates, only short sleep duration, high disinhibition eating behavior, and low dietary calcium intake were significantly and independently associated with overweight and obesity in both sexes.

Predictors and effects of long-term dieting on mental well-being and weight loss in obese women. Proceedings of the 9th International Congress on Obesity. Role of Genetics in the Etiology of Obesity Obesity is a complex trait resulting from multiple interactions between genetic and behavioral factors.