Core App. Learn about the objects that you use to interact with the system. AppKit in macOS includes new features, as well as API changes and For information about earlier releases, see AppKit Release Notes for macOS Views and Controls. Present and define the interactions for your content.

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Name Posted whenever an NSWindow object resigns its status as main window. NSDragging Info NSDragging Info APIs that were previously declared as getter methods are now declared as read-only properties, which means they can now be accessed as properties in Swift, without needing the parenthesized function call appkut. The restoration class associated with the window.

Manipulating Uniform Type Identifier Information. Bool A Boolean value that indicates whether the window is movable by clicking and dragging anywhere in its background.

Launches the app corresponding feference the specified bundle Identifier. Bool Returns whether the specified window depth is planar.

macos – Appkit examples on OSX – Stack Overflow

Overview In macOS A maximum size that is used to determine if a window can fit when it is refefence full screen in a tile. URL Attempts to eject the volume mounted at the given path.


The Light aqua appearance is the default appearance. Play sounds and haptic feedback, and incorporate speech recognition and synthesis into your interface. Name Posted whenever an NSWindow object is deminimized. Returns the full pathnames of all currently mounted removable disks. The try to Perform: Attribute Returns which part of the window stays stationary during frameaork based layout. Images and colors that you create using the existing NSImage init named: Use controls to handle specific referrence of user interactions.

A definition of the fundamental behavior for refedence, which are specialized views that notify your app of relevant events by using the target-action design pattern. However, you do need to recreate color objects containing hard-coded component values, if those colors would be affected by appearance changes. Text fields that don’t draw their own backgrounds now infer interior Background Style based on background Style.

Application Kit

Name Posted before the machine goes to sleep. Authorization The authorization granted to the app by the user. A workspace that can launch other apps and perform a variety of file-handling services. Style types have refference identifiers that follow a more modern common-prefix naming convention. A display of a single item from a list of items, and provide an interface for selecting items from the list.


Named NSColor objects defined in asset catalogs. They might look different in different system appearances. Name Posted when the window did exit version browser mode. If your app sets its background or fill colors according to one of the following conditions, AppKit now instead adds the corresponding NSVisual Effect View material:.

Returns the next event matching a given mask.

Bool Returns true if the receiver has a title bar. Display a list-based interface for hierarchical data, where each level of hierarchy is indented from the previous one. Ordering Mode These constants let you specify how a window is ordered relative to another window. Soft deprecation means that the members are still available, but that they’re slated for deprecation and using them in new code is discouraged. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

These constants represent errors generated by NSAttributed String. If you don’t specify a value, a default icon is displayed. When the system appearance changes, AppKit updates your interface to the new appearance.