Andy Timmons — Electric Gypsy (ver 2) Tab ELECTRIC GYPSY As recorded by Andy Timmons (From the Album THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW). Electric Gypsy. By Andy Timmons. • 1 song, Play on Spotify. 1. Electric Gypsy. Listen to Andy Timmons in full in the Spotify app. Play on. Stream Andy Timmons – Electric Gypsy by Yehoon Seong from desktop or your mobile device.

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Thanks cosmin I’m gonna experiment tonight. Just so I’m clear. Aug 17 Id like to find a tone similar to his.

Repertoire: Electric Gypsy by Andy Timmons | Riff

Is this setting with the stompbox in the effects loop still a cheesy sound like in my Andy timmons video or is it ok because the amp gets first whack at my guitar? He is a beast. I will keep practicing and learning. It has a very distinct Screaming F over the Emin7.

Electric Gypsy (Remastered)

Hey mate – I think the first two sound very good – the third one – are you playing with the neck pickup? Aug 15 Well I have a digitech gnx4, ibanez tube screamer into a traynor guitar mate and a ‘s peavey mace vt tube head. I would just make sure you run it with the head phones plugged in and not any louder than necessary. This area I need to work more on. From there I used a great program Amazing Slow Downer this allowed me to slow the song way down and loop e,ectric sections.


Aug 19 The technique is tapping 12 frets above the note your fretting. It was like my brain wouldn’t accept it or something. The bridge into main melody consists of an open E minor7 and another Hendrix style hammer on rhythm. PosterBoy View Member Profile.

There are really beautiful prebends with vibrado and colorful note choices. This song was my introduction to Andy, his phrasing is excellent but hard to copy!. Without a load, voltages on the secondary of the output transformer can get so high they can arc and damage the transformer. I would use that one with the bridge pickup I think – it’s not that bad. The first method was watching these elecrtic http: I feel they sound great but thats as high gain before Aug 14 Galway, Ireland Member No.: The Setting in the gnx4 is a slightly modified Eric Johnson patch.

Darius Wave View Member Profile. This became a problem switching back and forth between guitars.


Also is there any danger of running an amp with no speaker attached? It was 4am too so I don’t know.

The only speaker is from the traynor amp. That is exactly what I wanted to suggest, mate! The original song is tuned down a half step but the backing track I’m playing over is in standard tuning.

Clean as in the sound your electric guitar makes not plugged in but amplified with a little reverb. Learning Rock Star Group: This song was my introduction to Andy, his phrasing is excellent but hard to copy!

So I like basically 2 types of guitar sounds.