Kiam-Kim is three years old when he arrives by ship at Gold Mountain with his father and his grandmother, Poh-Poh, the Old One. It is , and because of. Summary. “A new book from Choy is an event. His writing has a quiet integrity and an exquisite grace.”–Maclean’s Winner of the Trillium Book Award. All that matters by wayson choy. NATASHA LEMIRE-WAITE. Vancouver Chinatown ‘s – 40’s. Immigrating to Canada. Kiam-Kims.

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I did find the Kiam-Jack-Jenny triangle underwritten and the ending didn’t feel magters right but still a marvelous book. Also, I am Korean while the protagonist and his family are Chinese. She interpreted the final toss of the I Ching coins.

All That Matters

In their new life, there is a constant struggle to balance the new Gold Mountain ideas with the old traditions and knowledge of China. All That Matters illustrates this and also the importance of family and family alliances in maintaining the community.

Akl read about how other cultures mastered successful parenting, and, by contrast, rhat we have lost in North America is enlightening and sad at the same time. It was a little confusing. Poh-Poh glanced behind her.

As a demonstration of his Christian charity, the old Patriarch had agreed to clear the way for Third Uncle to sponsor us to come to Canada, so that Father, Grandmother, and I, First Son, would have a chance to escape the famine and the civil wars raging in the Pearl River Delta of Kwantung province.

I did finish the book and it was a great way to tie up threads and see another side of the Chen family.


ALL THAT MATTERS by Wayson Choy | Kirkus Reviews

Kiam-Kim is three years old when he arrives by ship at Gold Mountain with his father and his grandmother, Poh-Poh. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Neither sequel nor prequel, All That Matters runs chronologically parallel to the first novel, this time from the perspective of First Son Kiam-Kim, who appears as only a shadowy presence in The Jade Peony.

Dec 23, Lisa Llamrei rated it it was amazing Shelves: At first I didn’t like the ending, but I’ve made my mathers with it.

Being the first-born son, Kiam Kim is faced with being a good role-model for the younger children in the family and he must be aware at all times of what he is saying and doing so as not to “shame” the family. He also has a girlfriend, Jenny, daughter of one of the mahjong ladies who owns a corner grocery shop.


He promptly decided to sponsor a mathers family” from Old China, a maaih-gee ga-tinga “bought-paper family” that would replace what he himself had tragically lost. Despite the fact that the concubine is referred to by all the Chen children — including the ones she eventually bears — as Stepmother, she is successfully integrated into the family.

Cgoy was disappointed in the ending, feeling like it just drifted off. Aug 06, Janice Montgomery rated it it was amazing. Do not drown in the past.

Kiam Kim, Jenny, Jack, Sekky etc. Those who could leave Sze-yup, the Four County village district in Southern China, would have a chance for a better existence. I loved Poh-Poh, the scenes with her made me remember times with my grandparents, times you never knew were fleeting until it was too late. This has happened since I have worked up North, and realized the challenge of cross cultural understanding.


However, his life is increasingly complicated by his burgeoning awareness of the world outside Vancouver’s Chinatown. Like all his books this mayters is beautiful and sad both intertwining and causing the other. Over the span of the two books, the four children and waysob grandmother especially, have grown near and dear to my heart chly long-time neighbours that I have grown up with.

A very interesting tale of a chinese immigrant family coming to Vancouver’s chinatown and their story in the years before and during World War II. Over fifty, and successful as an import-export warehousing merchant, Third Uncle had been shocked into acknowledging his own mortality. The struggle of old vs. With my eyes following the great billows of smoke, I heard clearly the echoing mmatters of wheels. I wanted this amtters expand on the first a little bit more than it did.

Book review: Wayson Choy’s *All That Matters*

Isn’t it disgusting that even today humans segregate by vision?! Ancient tradition, modern troubles, racial tension, and the struggles of immigrants to fit into a new culture. Perhaps this can be better related to males who read this book, but as proven in ‘The Jade Peony’, Choy has the natural ability to capture the innocence and thought processes of youth impeccably. No trivia or quizzes yet. Since matter, he has been a professor at Humber College and also a faculty member of the Humber School for Writers.

It is he story of a Chinese immigrant family coming to Tat in the ‘s.