Perfect for your Pro Tools Rig! ADC Single-Space 96 Point TT Bantam Audio Patchbay shown below arrives with 12 Female DB Connectors attached to the . Adc Patchbay found in: ADC-Commscope PPICJ48T-BK Video patch panel 2RU 2×24 CJ2 Straight-through, EDAC 3-Pin Male. I recently got 2 ADC Telecom 96 pt bantam bays (model PPBMKIISN) they have a punchblock on the back. my? is if i should be tinning.

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BTW, the punch panel is on the rear of the bay. Installation instructions, hardware and front panel labels are included in the box. You will receive 2 cat 6 24 port patch panels new in unopened box.

I have my Snake Out 1 wired to “1” of patdhbay bay, and asc first Mic Pre In wired to 49, which is the bottom patch point, but happens to be beside it on the rear view. The shield connections should be covered with a piece of spaghetti tubing before punching down. Keith has a pic of some patchbay work he has done. Never do a half normal on those patch points. What patchbay is it what is the model number. Thanks so patchbaj for being patient.

I’ve soldered up my share of “bare jacks” patchbays, but I ended up terminating the other end with It’s quite a photo: Please feel free to contact us with any quest Also shop in Also shop in.


Use only the proper punchdown tool from ADC. November 03, See photos for additional model numbers and condition.

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And what do I do? To deliver the best personalized experience, our site uses cookies. Models are available with standard or stereo-spaced longframe jacks,….

Specifically engineered for everyday use in…. Unlike fixed angle panels, CommScope’s patented solution combines the ability to dynamically angle connections either right or left in a low profile, high…. Ready to meet any…. Each Pro Patch panel is loaded with the highest quality frame jacks featuring “crossbar” self-cleaning jacks. Unless you wanna be bass acwards or anything of the sort, The mic pannel from the room to the mic pre should always be a full normal.

For a fully normalled bay, you would do what you say you have been doing. All Pro Patch panels are powder coated for exceptional durability and feature an extensive selection of jacks, panel sizes, normal options, and a variety of rear terminations.

Once you’re used to them, you’ll never want to go back to soldering a patchbay. Mics should be full-normalled. Ok, it took pulling the entire bay out to find out exactly what I was doing wrong, and it’s really really dumb.


I’ve tried this on several points and it doesn’t work – I still have to manually patch to make the axc get from 1 to So what then, as I don’t fully see which ones, do I connect to do what I want to do in the photo above? August 08, What happens if you test from the other ends of your cabling with a cable tester?

Cat 6A Front Connector Interface: Follow this diagram from ADC on how to normal via punchdown block’ http: Javascript Disabled Javascript is currently disabled or unsupported in your browser. We are a team of experts who are flexible, attentive, and responsive. This item has been surplussed from a university latchbay.

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No accessories are included. Now, I’m very confused on how to wire this correctly.

Wiring patch bays is a pain. Please enable Javascript to implement all features of our website or call to place an order.

These patch bays use the highest quality frame type jacks with ADC’s “crossbar” self-cleaning jacks. IF we had a model number, etc we could find the exact wiring diagram for ADC.