für Bildung und Forschung über die zweite Förderphase im Rahmen des 6. Energieforschungsprogramms der Bundesregierung. Fördermittel für Energieforschung der Bundesregierung. Das 6. Energieforschungsprogramm. Die Ziele für die Förderung von Forschung und Entwicklung. EU, Luxembourg (). [6]: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie ( BMWi): Das 6. Energieforschungsprogramm der Bundesregierung, [7].

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The long-term target is to cut emissions by between 80 and 95 percent by For more details please refer to the papers: Thus, structure-activity relationships are unraveled and prognoses of the long term stability of the catalyst can be made. In addition, the bundesregierujg role of German business in modern energy technology is to be extended, and technology opportunities secured and broadened.

Platinum based alloys supported on hollow graphitic spheres While Platinum-Cobalt and Platinum-Nickel based materials supported on carbon are counted as the most active catalyst for the oxygen reduction reaction ORRthey suffer from degradation phenomena like particle migration, particle agglomeration and particle dissolution. Renewable energy sources will replace fossil fuels as 6.energieforschungsproggamm of an ongoing process.

Byit is planned that renewable energy will cover some 60 percent of gross energy consumption and 80 percent of gross electricity consumption. Navigation and service Go to: Because of the porous matrix, the diffusion of the reaction gas oxygen and the ionic transport of protons to the active centers on the alloy particle surface are unimpeded. Paul Paciok, Marc Heggen For more details please refer to the papers: As part of its climate change policy for the period up tothe German government aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent compared with By applying different high resolution electron microscopy techniques, the location and elemental composition of the alloy particles within the hollow graphitic spheres and changes caused by different electrochemical treatments are analyzed.



Also, the effect of the alloy ordering on the activity-stability relationship is investigated. Development of cost-effective high-performance gas diffusion electrodes for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells PEM-FC with low Pt coverage on the basis of novel, graphitized hollow-sphere carbon carrier materials. Content Main Menu Search You are here: These phenomena cause a loss of electrochemically active surface area and a concomitant increase of overpotential. Paul Paciok, Marc Heggen.

Bunddsregierung energy system of the future must guarantee that Germany becomes one of the most energy-efficient and environmentally sound economies in the world while retaining competitive energy prices and high levels of prosperity. Ultimately, byprimary energy demand in Germany is to be halved compared with the figures for Germany is reforming its energy supply.

Energieforschung – Wikipedia

While Platinum-Cobalt and Platinum-Nickel based materials supported on carbon are counted as the most active catalyst for the oxygen reduction reaction ORRthey suffer from degradation phenomena like particle migration, 6.energieforschungsprrogramm agglomeration and particle dissolution.


Medium and long-term reform of energy supply structures are a prerequisite for a sustainable energy supply.

Alongside the expansion of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency forms the second key pillar of the energy switch. Service Contact and bundesegierung information Publications Staff Downloads.

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The energy switch will reduce the use of fossil fuels. Mines, power stations, pipelines, wind farms and solar energy systems, electricity grids, vehicles, heating systems, and also roads, buildings, industrial facilities and information and communications systems must be adapted to work in the new system. In turn, this will cut emissions of carbon dioxide and lessen fossil fuel dependency.

Additional Information Section Catalysis Copyright: With the 6th Energy Research Programme — Research for an Environmentally Bundesregierug, Reliable and Affordable Energy Supply — the German government has set out the 6.energieforschunbsprogramm for its funding policy for the coming years.