4dkl: EncoMPASS Translation: RMSD: 0. TM-Score: 1. Coverage: 1. Number of Repeats: 2. Levels: 1. Unrefined RMSD: Unrefined TM Score: The Distress scale contains 16 items and has a score range of 0–32, the Depression scale contains 6 Terluin B. De Vierdimensionale Klachtenlijst ( 4DKL). ‘no’ = score 0. ‘sometimes’ = score 1. ‘regularly’ or more often = score 2. Distress Depression Anxiety Somatisation. Interpretation: moderately elevated: > > 2.

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Study E was designed to compare the effectiveness of three interventions for panic disorder and generalised anxiety disorder in primary care patients [ 54 ]. However, in practice, the dimensions are correlated, presumably because the strain that produces distress, may also trigger disturbances underlying depression, svorelijst or somatization in vulnerable people.

The GPs interviewed the patients twice, a scorelijt days apart. However, as the institute directorate has no formal role in the governance of research personnel, the responsibility for actual behavior remains with the department heads. The associations with other questionnaires were assessed with Pearson correlations and regression analyses. The Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale. Conceptual background The 4DSQ is grounded in our study of the clinical characteristics of patients with a “nervous breakdown” presenting in general practice [ 4 scorekijst.

The 4DSQ Somatization scale was shown to measure exactly the same construct as the SCL Somatization scale taking the reliability of both scales into account. The adjustment disorder employees study C had a mean Distress score almost as high as the study D patients.

For information regarding the Amsterdam Public Health research institute, its research programs, procedures for submitting your research proposal, quality guidelines and matters concerning PhD students: Stress-related measures were recorded in studies A, B, and G. Open in a separate window. Additional file 3 Respondent burden. J Occup Med Toxicol ; 3: As expected, all correlations were positive, and almost all were statistically significant.

For the GP, a Depression score between the two cut-off points is a “prompt to consider” the presence of a depressive disorder [ 50 ]. Assessing the equivalence of Web-based and paper-and-pencil questionnaires using differential item and test functioning DIF and DTF analysis: Identifying levels of general distress in first line mental health services: BMC Psychiatry ; 14 1: There had to be a recent identifiable stressor and the patient had to have at least 8 out of 17 distress symptoms.


4DKL Vragenlijst – Datec Psychologische Tests

BT performed the statistical analyses except for the confirmatory factor analysis and drafted the manuscript. An outpatient psychiatric rating scale – preliminary report. Fatigue and heart disease. During the past week, did you suffer from: Tijdschrift voor Klinische Psychologie ; 44 3: However, a Depression score above the higher cut-off point is a “prompt to act” [ 50 ], i.

Four Dimensional Symptom Questionnaire (4DSQ)

The relationships between the 4DSQ scales and the measures of stress, personality and social functioning except sick leave were investigated by means of linear regression in which the latter variables were regressed onto the 4DSQ scales.

The Four-Dimensional Symptom Questionnaire 4DSQ appears to be a valid self-report questionnaire to measure distress, depression, anxiety and somatization in primary care. For information regarding personal and project pages: A method of comparing the areas under receiver operating characteristic curves derived from the same cases.

Paper assessing the time needed to fill in the 4DSQ, using the data of study J. J Affect Disord ; De Angst-schaal vraagt naar specifieke symptomen van angststoornissen: Data from 10 different primary care studies have scorelijts used. scorelinst

SF physical and mental health summary scales: Means and standard deviations of the 4DSQ scores across the study samples. Thirty-seven GPs handed out a questionnaire containing the 4DSQ to a random sample of 3, patients aged 15 scorellijst 64, and registered their diagnoses or reasons for encounter.

First, scorlijst 4-factor model was fitted, the factors being in accordance with the 4DSQ scales. Conceptually, as mentioned above, distress represents the most general expression of any psychological problem.


The general practice patients study A had mean 4DSQ scores intermediate between the employees and the selected samples of the studies C through J. It should be realised 4ekl this point that the GPs and patients probably were not able to discuss any psychosocial issues, because otherwise the GPs would have established a psychosocial diagnosis. Translation, validation, and norming of the Dutch language version of the SF Health Survey in community and chronic disease populations.

Scroelijst associations between personality and the 4DSQ scores were quite large, considering the R 2 values between 0. Afname Schriftelijk of online. We considered the standardised psychiatric diagnosis of a current major depressive disorder as the “criterion” for the 4DSQ Depression score.

EQS for Windows user’s scoeelijst. The patients from study D had the highest mean Depression and Distress scores. We hypothesised that distress was more strongly associated with stress and social functioning than depression, anxiety and somatization.

Optimised PDB entry 4dkl

Strengths of the study include the amount of data analysed, and the fact that many results have been confirmed in different samples. The Distress score is associated with any psychosocial diagnosis as established by general practitioners GPs in general practice patients. De vragenlijst kan zowel worden gebruikt bij wetenschappelijk onderzoek als in de klinische praktijk. Mild distress states, which do not interfere much with normal social functioning, can be considered to be part of normal daily life.

Table 10 Logistic regression analysis with any anxiety disorder diagnosis as dependent variable and the 4DSQ scores as independent variables; study E. Voor zwangere vrouwen is een aparte normgroep beschikbaar. Discussing the 4DSQ scores with the patient provides valuable opportunities to address any psychosocial issues.