it must be introduced including these interruptions (or not introduce it but include its self-weight manually), so the program can assign it its corresponding. The most complete tool for Project Management: bills of quantities, project certifications and specifications. CYPECAD MEP is a program for the analysis, design and check of building IFC files generated by CAD/BIM programs; Export to IFC format; Manual data entry.

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This way, if one piece of data is modified, and affects several installations location, construction element, etc.

If the results are observed, it arquimedws be seen that the periods of state 2, in which the effect of the non-structural elements is considered, are smaller than those obtained for state 1, i. Corbels can also be introduced.

Allows for several bills of quantities offers to be compared simultaneously, hence, any variances in their quantities, prices or amounts can be seen. Logically, nothing can be changed in this table, as its prices are the result of its decomposition and their variance depends on the variance of the multiple prices it may contain. This working methodology, which is common to all the modules of CYPECAD MEP, allows users to edit the plans of the mahual directly and, at the same time, manage the geometry in a completely integrated manner, allowing for 3D views to be generated of the complete installation.

Joist floor slabs can be composed of concrete genericprecast reinforcement, precast prestressed, in situ, steel T and double T sectionstruss joists and timber. INDEX Effect of the non-structural elements against horizontal loads A unique tool on the market Data introduction Considerations taken into account by the program Considerations taken into account by the program from the version Software for ArchitectureEngineering and Construction.

Arquimedes has the most powerful report template editor in the market to personalise and create reports. Below these options, users can limit the Maximum number of iterations. Bills of quantities, Certifications and Job Control.

The geometry of the structure can be introduced automatically. This way they are available for each installation without the need of having to define them several times.

Arquimedes. Purchase management

Software for ArchitectureEngineering and Construction. Punching shear verification Punching shear verification is a program that checks the Failure Limit State of concrete for punching shear in flat and waffle slabs exposed to raquimedes loads from rectangular or circular supports. Please consult the question in our FAQ: A cyle spectral analysis of the model produces a relative displacement between the ends of each construction element which, upon applying the fracture criterion, is interpreted as being a specific level of damage.


A complete spectral mode analysis is undertaken resolving each mode as manyal loadcase carrying out the modal expansion and the modal combination to obtain the forces; all this without the need of having to produce equivalent earthquake static loads, which is the simplified method used by others.

This unfavourable effect was not taken into account in the analysis until now and many design codes offer the possibility to simulate it by amplifying the forces of a floor that is considered as a soft-storey, by a specific factor. Arqkimedes within the 3D views can be displayed with textures resembling the real colour of their materials. The program also allows for columns and beams to be introduced using coordinates with respect to an origin or any other point.

FAQ Installation instructions

The element check reports display that the static load and dynamic load combinations of both the states have been taken into account in the analysis. In the 3D view, the floors and walls possess a degree of transparency making it easier to visualise those elements that remain hidden. Data entry Structure geometry.

Versatility of the foundations. The use of these modules requires for the user to have the corresponding license permits.

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The foundations may also be designed by having only introduced column starts. Program designed for the design and check of reinforced concrete cantilever soil retaining walls.

It is possible to equalise the geometry, type and reinforcement of pad foundations, pile caps, strap and tie beams and base plates. Each price table is created or modified using the Price table option located in: BOQ consolidation The BOQ consolidation module of Arquimedes allows for several existing bills of quantities to be included in a base bill of quantities which can be emptyand maintain the link between the incorporated job units and their original bills of quantities.

For example, if users wish to study the case of a building in which the ground floor and an intermediate floor are mnaual stiff than the other floors, two cypw structures can be analysed, one with construction elements on all floors except the ground floor and another with construction elements on all floors except the ground and intermediate floors.


With the beam reinforcement editor a complete visualisation of the frame is obtained where the user can graphically modify the results, add, delete, join and divide longitudinal bars and links as well as being able to modify their lengths and mankal lengths. These are generated automatically depending on a fracture criterion which relates the damage suffered by an element with the relative displacement of its ends.

Correction due to base shear for seismic design using dynamic analysis method. The program automatically generates any loadcase combination defined by the user in accordance with the conditions that have been indicated compatible, incompatible or simultaneous.

Using this option, users can consult the relative displacement and associated damage, per generated state and seismic loadcase of each construction element. The resulting quantity tables, after the import of data from these programs, can contain many quantity lines belonging to the same element.

If these have not been designed accordingly, the forces can cause a fragile fracture, endangering the stability of the building, even leading to its collapse.

Additionally, if there are any new concepts, these are added to the existing bill of quantities. These directories are “usr” and “CYPE ingenieros”. The two calculated mode sets are displayed for the two states of the structure that have been considered with their participation coefficients, percentage of displaced mass in each direction and associated spectral acceleration.

Publish price banks on the Internet. And do no forget that our experts in our post sales service and technical support departments offer all the additional services you may need.

For example, all the measurements carried out by Allplan of a wall which has constant height and thickness can be grouped together in a single quantities line. Two functions are drawn representing the monthly and accumulated payments. The seismic analysis is undertaken by means of a complete modal spectral analysis which resolves each mode as a loadcase and carries out the modal expansion and the modal combination to obtain the forces.

Dependencies can be established between the tasks and visualised graphically.