Mar 12, MAGNEX® LW was developed for the detection of ferromagnetic objects buried underground and in water. Using an extension cable with. The MAGNEX® LW serves for the finding of fer- romagnetic objects which are buried underground or underwater. A further important field of use of. The MAGNEX(R) LW serves for the finding of ferromagnetic objects which are buried underground or underwater. A further important field of use of the.

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The models, which are used in the evaluation of the magnetic anomaly and pulse-electromagnetic induction data, facilitate interpreting of the objects that have nagnex localized in respect of their. Size position and magnetic intensity of the search object determine the possible detection range.

This allows a rapid non-invasive cartography on land in order to search for UXO or archaeological structures as well as doing large scale soil evaluations.

Vallon VMV8 Vehicle mounted metal detector. The locating of UXO, pipes or concealed weapon caches are typical tasks for this detector.

The design is based on two inductors, which are sensitive to magnetism and placed inside the probe. The ergonomic well balanced design ensure an easy Vallon VXV4 Vehicle mounted multi sensor system customized solutions. Both are supplied in domestic and int. Reduction for higher quantity.

Magnetometer MAGNEX 120 LW

With the 5-channel system the average area able to be mapped per person and day is around 3. For borehole detection an extension cable with traction relief can be connected between probe and locator electronics. UXO and pipes are typical search objects for the Magnetic Anomaly Detector, which is preferably used in the field of post-conflict battle area clearance.


Large ferrous objects can be located as far as up 6 m buried underground.

MAGNEX(R) 120 LW magnetic anomaly detector for detection of ferromagnetic objects

Maintenance and support There are no special requirements for technicians or workshop facilities. Both inductors are connected as differential bridge to suppress the homogenous terrestrial field. The probe can be dismantled for immersion under water or in bore holes. It was developed for locating of unexploded ordnance underground or underwater. The ergonomic well balanced design ensure an easy handling. Maynex download of the detection data from EPAD to a PC the detection result data is displayed as a map and can be processed to assist in planning resources, personnel, finance and priorities.

If required these can be enhanced with a GPS system. Alternatively the probe can be operated via a data logger which powers the sensor. The UPEX M large loop technology enables low skilled personnel to locate air delivered ordnance buried at depth. Ebinger News Latest Issue. The system is pressure water proof to the cable length. The essential operation as well as batteries and electronics circuitry are integrated into the carrying.

Interference with other detectors. Steb-by-step explanations in the manuals ensure easy maintenance of the system. History of landmines What are cluster munitions? Depending on the particular detection location and the working conditions the average mapping result is in the range of approximately 12 hectares per day for a four metre wide vehicle-mounted frame. Instruction and maintenance manuals are available in Arabic, Englisch, French, German, Italian and Russian; other languages available on request.


Detectors systems in use to date. It is introduced into battle area clearance where large areas have to be inspected and cleared of munitions in short time. The locator is robust and watertight offering an excellent long time stability concerning parallelism and tilting compensation.

Introduction maggnex mine action What are landmines? These tools increase quality and productivity in BAC significantly. This system allows to create a magnetic or electromagnetic map of the area, to locate the targets and to extract their features. This product is no longer in stock.

Magnetometer MAGNEX LW

Our expertise Outreach and regional cooperation. Download this record as a PDF.

Test and evaluation The detector went through comprehensive internal tests: Technology subject archives Project archives. Data protection notice Cookies policy. The detector is in service with various NGOs and commercial companies worldwide. The carrier can be handled by one operator in one day and the productivity is increased by a factor of three.

Each way of visualization can be configured separately in respect of magned values and sensitivity. It can host up to 16 fluxgate gradiometers on a trailer having a width of 3.