In past articles when discussing training, I’ve referenced and linked to a very popular 5×5 training program often referred to as the MadCow 5×5. Madcows 5X5 Hypertrophy Template Day 1: 5 sets of 5 for squats, bench press, and barbell rows (ramping up sets for those unaware. Actually the progression for madcows 5×5 is % compounded weekly starting week 5 and the progression for 5/3/1 is 10lb for squat/deadlift.

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The idea would be that if you don’t care about strength then you still wouldn’t do this, but if you want both strength and size and have already done a novice madcoe for several months to the msdcow of stalling, then this would be a routine to consider moving on to. I would suggest you to restart the routine given that you took a longer break than usual.

Maybe it didn’t work the first round. Have you noticed that less and less of the better lifters on this board are responding to your threads, and whne they do it is largely to rage?

I would do it again, really. I figure there might be many people looking for this, or if not, well here it is anyways. Modified Madcows 5X5 for Size Disclaimer: After 55x, it makes sense to move on to a more advanced intermediate program. In the 4th week, you will get a new 5 repetition maximum.


Stocked up on eggs, protein powder etc…. Last edited by NZninja; at He is the original creator of this program. I appreciate what you try to tell me and what advice you think is good, and agree with some of this. Enter your email below and tap the button.

Madcow’s 5×5 Review: The Most Popular Routine Ever | PowerliftingToWin

The rest time depends on your working capacity. That deadlift of lbs is huge! Well when I bench press, I row. You must also consider how conservative your starting weights are as well. I think that my weakness on bench is of the chest mainly.

Madcow’s 5×5 Review: The Most Popular Routine Ever

I’m personally not worried about my wheels at the moment but I reckon these changes would be very useful for someone who wants their legs to grow as much as possible. How to do 5×55

I might try it again, and switch up the lifts a little. Why would I do that? Currently I am trying to gain size but strength is something I will probably aim for once I get to the desired weight.


The Complete Guide To Madcow 5×5 Workout Routine Including Spreadsheet And Calculator

I mdcow that my quads overpower my hamstrings on squats and deadlifts, want to fix this asap. Secondly, the program represents a reduction in volume from most intermediate programs.

Something was brought to my attention a few weeks ago. I know that every one of you want to get the pump work for the ladies but I would suggest you to limit it to the bare minimum. None that I know of, you could increase the “set interval” from Originally Posted by Gay4Moleman.

I am gonna try something new after this 6 macow peaking cycle.

Mad Cow… Hmm I remember doing this shit a while back. As always, I like to provide context for the programs that I discuss.

The Texas Method assumes you fully recover inside of one week. His gains the 2nd round…. But here it is. Your only recourse is to try the workout again the next week.