Käyttäjän ohjekirja Lucrezia Idro – 04/04/ Hits: – LUCREZIA IDRO BO – LUCREZIA IDRO PE – LUCREZIA . User Manual Lucrezia Idro – hot! 11/26/ Hits: – LUCREZIA IDRO BO – LUCREZIA IDRO PE – LUCREZIA IDRO. Fireplace pellets produced by the Italian company Extraflame. Improved automatic cleaning system of the fuel system. Heat exchanger with manual cleaning.

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Aside from programming it, activate it as well.

All Extraflame products are manufactured according to the following directives: A check of the connections with pre-existing flues is recommended. The connection piping of the safety valve to the heat generator must not be traceable and must not present, in any point, a 7 ENGLISH smaller section than the inlet of the safety valve or the sum of the inlet sections in case of more valves heading a single pipe. Closed contact satisfied t1 on display D2 is blinking.

The purchase date must be validated by the possession of a valid fiscal document issued by the dealer. The alarm can be reset by pressing key 1 for 3 seconds only if the fumes motor has stopped and if 15 minutes have passed from when the alarm was displayed.

Empty the ash drawer every week or when required. Pellets 10 Oct The licrezia windows represent menus that will be displayed only if the irdo domestic hot water storage tank, puffer or instant heat exchanger has been activated in board by the after-sales staff. Once this has been verified, the After-Sales Centre will supply all the information for its correct use, filling in and delivering a copy of the document which certifies the warranty, undersigned by the client. Table Of Display Messages 6.

New opportunities for European businesses, affordable energy bills for consumers, increased energy security through a significant reduction of natural Antivibration Rubber Stand with Height 35 mm Price: Air curtains 16 Sep Insulation, finishings, covering and safety recommendations The coverings, independently from the materials from which they are made, must constitute a self-supporting construction with idrro to the heating block and not be in contact with it.


How to cool our premises efficiently with lucreziia help of evaporative coolers?

Extraflame Lucrezia Idro

The ultra silent fan-coils Carisma are now on the market! For pucrezia heat generator appliances equipped with electric fan 12 for expelling combustion products, the instructions below must be followed: Return Pump head All data are indicative lucrezoa not binding. The mounting of horizontal routes must be avoided.

The side tiles are all identical. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. How to live in a better way? It will be built in the Dutch part o See the “enable fan” chapter on the following pages. An elevated return temperature, allows efficiency improvement, reduces formation of combustion product condensation and prolongs the boiler life span. The diameter of the discharge piping must not however be lower than that of the outlet connection of the safety valve.

The flue exhaust pipe is blocked. National, regional, provincial and town council regulations It is necessary to bear in mind all laws and national, regional, provincial and town council Standards present in the country the appliance has been installed.

Stove positioning For correct product functioning, it is recommended to position it in a way that it is perfectly level, with the aid of a spirit level. Basic instructions The following recommendations must be followed the first times the stove is ignited: The length of the pipes route included between the attachment lucrezja the generator and the safety valve must not be more than 1 m.

If a detergent or liquid is used, the latter could penetrate the crackles, thereby making them show more.

Extraflame LUCREZIA IDRO LCD User manual |

The diameter of the minimum lucreaia transversal section of the valve inlet must not be lower than 15 mm. Flue Inspection For heat generating devices equipped with an electric exhaust fan, i. Put the 2 side pieces in cast iron back in their original positions and fix using the 4 removed previously. The regulation to be performed is a percentage. The batteries used contain metals harmful for the environment.

  C60N C16 PDF

ExtraflameSupport – Downloads | Lucrezia Idro | Mother Board | Thermoproducts

There must be continuity between the smoke channel and the flue so that the flue does not lean on the generator. The flue exhaust pipe is blocked Check hermetic door closure. Take the stove to off conditions using key 1 and repeat the procedure described in the “Ignition” chapter.

Distances of safety devices according to the Standard The temperature safety sensors must be in place on the machine at a distance no greater than 30 cm from the flow connection. The seals should be checked periodically and replaced immediately if worn or damaged. Contact after-sales centre Minimum pressure alarm The system pressure read by the pressure switch is too low.

All electric components that make up the product must be replaced with original spare parts exclusively by an authorised aftersales centre, thus guaranteeing correct functioning. Check cleanliness of the fumes pipe and the combustion chamber.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. If the temperature increases beyond the set point, it will automatically switch off indicating H-off and will automatically go back on when the temperature drops below the set point. The air flow can also be obtained from an adjacent room, as long as the flow takes place freely through permanent openings communicating with the outside.

The stove adjusts itself automatically in relation to the warm air ventilation.

Installation and safety devices The installation, relative system connections, commissioning and inspection of correct functioning must be carried out perfectly, in full compliance with Standards in force, national, regional and municipal, as well as these instructions.