Una mente prodigiosa – Ebook written by Sylvia Nasar. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. UNA MENTE PRODIGIOSA. Sylvia NASAR. Published by MONDADORI 0. Price: US$ Convert Currency. Shipping: US$ From Spain to U.S.A. A Beautiful Mind has ratings and reviews. Huda said: ولأن المصري معروف بجبروتهبتكون نهاية واحد من أعظم علماء الأرض بسببسواق تاكسي مصري.

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In the news article I read, all references were to the film; it was as though there had never been a book. I would have never gotten through this book if it wasn’t an audiobook.

May 25, Jan Rice rated it it was amazing Shelves: Nassar’s book provides a wealth of detail about the maverick Nobel Laureate and a glimpse into his amazing life. A very good read.

That said, I found it fascinating, but a bit drier than I typically like my recreational nonfiction. It has left out large chunks of the less sympathetic aspects of the man’s personality. I’ve often wondered if this is actually the case or whether it’s just that most people have never heard of most genius level intellects that aren’t afflicted in this way.

He is killed in a car accident along with his wife.

Una Mente Prodigiosa / A Beautiful Mind (Best Seller) (Spanish Edition) |

Economist and journalist Sylvia Nasar has written a biography of Nash that looks at all prodiguosa of his life. Consigliato a chi sostiene il binomio genio-sregolatezza. Make no mistake, John Nash not a lovable person. The music of the film, by James Horner, has been a fantastic feat; how numbers and equations and solutions One can actually see the mind at work of a math genius called Nash and even empathize with his afflictions; his inner struggle.


How many of us could honestly say we’d ever have heard of John Nash if it weren’t for his prolonged battle with schizophrenia if ‘battle’ is even the right word? I haven’t had an Audible subscription for ages but I knew there were some books on there I hadn’t listened to.

More reviews at The Story Within The Story At first glance, a biography of a mathematician would seem to make for a read dryer than the Sahara. His remarkable recovery from schizophrenia and his ability to solve mathematical problems never quite make up for the awful neglect and selfishness of this man. In any case, the word “noble” probably applies, at some level, to most conceptions of the intellectually gifted.

One day I’ll seek out the full version and read it, or listen to it, again. This book was a lot like wat I would have never gotten through this book if it wasn’t an audiobook.

View all 23 comments. He was a genius, he was expected to behave oddly, and in some ways this both served as a measure of protection for him, and also may have prevented him from getting help earlier. The power of his theories culminated with him being awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics nearly fifty years after his groundbreaking work began.

Her story of the machinations behind Nash’s Nobel is fascinating and one of very few such accounts available in print the CIA could learn a thing or two from the Nobel committees.

Reading about Nash’s early life and the beginning of his career, I couldn’t help but notice that he was always rather This biography was the basis for the popular film “A Beautiful Mind” a few years ago.

Jan 31, Terran rated it really liked it. This biography was the basis for the popular film “A Beautiful Mind” a few years ago. Later we saw the film, and I was appalled; thought the schizophrenia ha I was thinking of this book again because of the deaths of John and Alicia Nash. When it comes to geniuses, a few archetypes generally come to mind.


But in Nash, in remission from schizophrenia, shared the Nobel Prize in economics for work done some 45 years previously. Nash lived still is living, I guess a really complicated life, even aside from his illness. Again, it was very good; although the details have faded, it possibly was in a class with Simon Winchester’s The Professor and the Madman: Well, I love surprises.

Open Preview See a Problem? I liked the Idea of reading about a Mathematician but it was enough with the writer In fact, there’s really very little overlap between the two.

A Beautiful Mind

June Read – A Beautiful Mind. DBV Subbarao Yes, please do read. View all 10 comments. So I took them seriously. They’re often characterized as under appreciated geeks with hearts of gold think the entire cast of Revenge of the Nerds or as slightly spaced out but cuddly old men think Einstein. This is one of those rare cases where the movie was much better than the book. Most of the time it does filled itself with literal theories without equations and numbers, but it was enough to provide concise explanation around Nash’s academical life and his significance in the world of economics.