Laughing Gas [P.G. Wodehouse] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Due to a gaseous malfunction while simultaneously undergoing dental. Laughing Gas by PG Wodehouse. Wodehouse is usually thought of as a quinessentially British writer, but the fact is that he spent some time in. Laughing Gas is a rare Wodehouse dalliance with the science-fiction Read a book by P.G. Wodehouse in and reply to the original.

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A few comments striking me as very racist. Also for the last few decades of his life he settled in Long Island, New York. We live in troubled times. Lapping at the swamp of alcohol is one solution. He was in h This is Wodehouse at his peak, which means it was written in the mid’s.

In addition the ending is perfunctory, of course they switch back but it could have happened at any point in the previous fifty pages, or indeed he could have tacked on wodehouee pages afterwards. For more on Wodehouse and this book see the web site at www.

Friends tell me over and over Susan Hill has a good deal to answer for. If I was to read once more the urge that the child star, newly be-muscled in the aristo’s body, had to punch someone on the nose I would have screamed in a fairly non literary appreciative type way. Service with a Smile. A Damsel in Distress. Jun 15, Brent M. And since the Hollywood till this day makes movies with Caucasian actors portraying Asians aka “yellow-face” don’t be shocked that in this novel there are two blokes using make up to pass off as Japanese and Filipino.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Reggie finds himself in the dentist’s waiting room at the same time as the child star Joey Cooley is due for an extraction. I think in one book, Jeeves manages to toss out Bertie’s loud socks without Bertie, who treasures the socks, risking an objection.


A Gentleman of Leisure. A “Freaky Friday” premise–long before “Freaky Friday” was written–with the usual, hilarious Wodehouse treatment. On wodehoue train from Chicago to Los Angeles, Reggie meets the famous film actress April June, and immediately falls head over heels in love with her.

Due to this Laughing Gas had a slightly wodehousf tone to it — focussing on the views of both adults and children. Jan 10, Laughjng Wood rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Of course, I had read stories where much the same sort of thing had happened, but I had never supposed that a chap had got to budget for such an eventuality as a possible feature of the programme in real life.

And, naturally, reading Wodehouse aloud from a soap box at Hyde Park Corner.

The Unbearable Gqs of Scones. I listened to it on cd in the car and it made me look forward to my driving time. Susan Hill has a good deal to answer for. Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit. One of Bertie’s friends always gets to marry the girl of fas choice in the last few pages, and Bertie gets to have a nice breakfast on a veranda with a newspaper brought by Jeeves. In particular, Reggie is to prevent Eggy from getting engaged, let alone married, to some American gold-digger who would undoubtedly be far beneath the titled family.

With his mission discharged, Reggie looks forward to the task of persuading April June to yoke her pseudonym with his.

The Luck of the Bodkins. About this title Audio Format. According to Eggy, Ann wants to reform him: It was this brief sojourn in Hollywood that inspired some of his most hilarious stories. The device of the child switching bodies with a man is silly, I didn’t think it could laugning. I think the funniest part was that the little boy, who was just so excited to be big and to be able to eat whatever food he wanted, spent most of the time running around pun The device of the child switching bodies with a man is silly, I didn’t laughig it could work.


I broke off here, because she had fainted.

LAUGHING GAS by P. G. Wodehouse | Kirkus Reviews

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Ann Bannister has organised a car that will bring Joey back to his mother in Ohio, and Reggie readily agrees to accompany him. The Code of the Woosters. Burwash, and also in the latter’s chair. Psmith was a caricature of a Socialist, and, inasmuch as Wodehouse was, in no way, political, Psmith fell away and, by the ‘s, had turned into the aristocratic, middle-aged fun-maker, Uncle Fred. He goes meets and instantly falls in love with the famous acress, April June.

The only problem being, of course, that one is liable to get pinched for copyright infringement. I was gravely concerned.

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The best way, of course, of bringing round a swooned subject is to bite the ear, but I couldn’t very well bite this divine girl’s ear. Jeeves, Psmith, the Blandings Castle crowd.

Views Read Edit View history. The reader they chose was perfection. Joey because he wants to escape the Brinkmeyers’ wrath; and Reggie because he does not want to be caught by the police for what Joey did while walking around in his body poking several people in the nose, stealing a police motorcycle and similar misdemeanours. The young man falls in love with the wrong girl but gets it right in the end – as usual – but the intervening period is a fantasy thriller!

A few notable exceptions – I loved the kidnappers. This is a hysterical novel. The child film star Joey 12 while still has a childish qualities is often more mature and experienced than Reggie. Harrow man, I expect. View all 12 comments.