El Llano en llamas is a collection of short stories written in Spanish by Mexican author Juan . short stories. La herencia de Matilde Arcángel in Spanish online. A final example that attests once more to the “caciquil” basis of the society that Rulfo portrays: in the story “La herencia de Matilde Arcangel,” one of the main. These are, besides the fifteen published as El llano en llamas, five sueltos: “Un cuento,” “El dia del derrumbe,” “La herencia de Matilde Arcangel,” “Un pedazo.

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The introduction of the narrator ‘ s name does not come until nearly one- fourth of the way through the story where we read: Mas aun que en “Luvina,” el monologo, con su repeticion de frases, e ideas, con su recoger al final de mxtilde parrafos lo dicho al principio, parece haber estancado para siempre los hechos exteriores en la meditacion interior del personaje.

Yo conte el dinero: El sueno le nub 1 aba el pensamiento Although the use of the pluperfect at the beginning of dde passage seems to make a smooth transition to it, the reader suddenly realizes that this passage chronologically is out of place.

In some stories time passes at different speeds, in others it both passes and is suspended, and in some stories it does not pass at all. Si todos los dias fueran asi. At the end of the story, the moon is high in the sky: He in turn rdfers to the listener as senor.

Then the father fills in for the son the main event which took place during his absehce: A plot now starts to unfold, eind as the sequence of events is narrated, time seems to flow.


Rulfo aeternum () – IMDb

When the narrator tells us “caminabamos cuesta aba jo, oyendo el trote rebotado de los burros” p. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Secondly, the omniscient narrator serves to describe the setting in which the story takes place, the most importsint element of which is the river. In the final scenes of the story, when the narrator and Remigio Torrico have their confrontation, we are told that Remigio suspects. Traigo los mismos ojos con que ella miro las cosas Ahora se trata acangel cruzar el dia, de atravesarlo como sea para correr del calor y del sol. What he finds, however, is a monologue of a nameless character, who he soon realizes is Esteban.

Without their thoughtful advice, this dissertation could never have been finished. The omniscient narrator has a much more prominent role in “La noche que lo dejaron solo. He nevertheless comments on and considers the story as an entity itself, a position which, on the basis of his deft analysis, leaves no room for disagreement. Since we already know that they started at dawn, and herebcia is nothing to indicate the intervention of another day, we can calculate that from dawn to four p.

Then what precedes this revelation begins to make more sense.

Esteban continues the narration as a memoj-y, which therefore means that the perspective from which the narrator views the story has changed. Lo vi desde que se zambullo en el rio.

Acaso sufra, se decia. Ni siquiera los desperto. Y entonces, uno esta en la iglesia, amarrado a la madrina, oyendo afuera el turn tum del tambor. Schade in “the Burning Plain and Other Stories ,since the Spanish refers to a father’s anger with his son for not having helped him hear the dogs, which were, indeed, barking.


Tribuna de la democracia. Not only was Rulfo able to learn much about writing from Hernandez, but later, when Hernandez was one of the directors of the matildee magazine America, he helped Rulfo to publish some of his first 4 stories.

All these facts, central to the tragedy of the family in this story, are held back by the narrator until after the point where they logically would be needed.


In some stories, it is the initial technique which Rulfo uses to start the reader disorientation. This unit is broken by the intervention of a psychological time level, on which time does not flow. Y si no es mucho decir, ellos eran alli los duenos de la tierra y de las casas que estaban encima de la tierra Debio llegar a eso de la una. His listener, we eventually find out, is about to go to Luvina, a fact which justifies the story p.

The events which he describes take place at indefinite times: We are told about matilse murder of Lupe Terreros some thirty-five years earlier, which is somehow connected with the fact that now Juvencio is going to be killed.