Service updates for TerrSet users; download TerrSet Tutorial Data; and fixes, posted February 16, ; IDRISI Selva Users – Service Update to v Eastman, J.R. () IDRISI Selva Tutorial. IDRISI Production, Clark Labs-Clark University, Worcester, To start IDRISI, double-click on the IDRISI application icon in the IDRISI Selva Program Folder. This will load the IDRISI system. Once the system has loaded.

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Journal of Geographic Information SystemVol.

Room Office hours: Double-click on the zip file Landsat When going through Exercise fyou must add a subtitle to the map that contains your name and lab section. Use both Landsat and Landsat to help you in your identification. Advanced GIS Geob Home Syllabus Schedule Projects. What is the name of the lake use Google Maps?

GEOB Lab 3: Introduction to IDRISI

What wavelengths are captured by Landsat band 6? What is the formula i. Displaying the data and creating images The first thing to do is to create a True Colour composite image. As such, this is a long lab 6 hours is an estimate for the time required to complete this lab. How far west from Madrid is the lake in the top of the image? The dichotomy that faces nursing tutorial staff. As a goal, you should finish Part 1, Exercises 1. Add the vector layer roads as above recall: In completing this and the next three iddisi Lab 3: Remote Sensing Geob Note that we don’t have Band 6L or 6H data.


To check that the two import processes worked as expected: The goal of this lab is to give you the foundations for working with IDRISI, the image processing program that you will be using in all of your subsequent labs, and for your final project.

Navigation Map Query Question 9: Tutoriql this process for the 6 remaining bands. You will first import the Landsat data.

Save your text file by clicking on the Save Digitized Data button just to the left of the digitize tool button. In order to complete Part 2 of this lab, copy the Landsat Another window will appear, in which you enter the name of the city Caption.

Click in the image window where you want the beginning of the text to go.

Name the output file Landsat Using Windows Explorer, go to: While many people place the band iddisi following a short-to-long wavelengths convention e. What is the elevation of the lake?

GEOB 373: Introductory Remote Sensing

The Group Linked Zoom instructions in Exercise provide more details, if necessary. Fraser Valley, [True colour image of Landsat bands 1, 2, 3] After the composite tutoriao appears, close the window and re-display the composite image using the Display Launcher so that the title appears at the top of the window.

In the IDRISI tutorial the first convention ordered by increasing wavelength was followed as discussed in footnote 19 on tjtorial 27 of the Tutorialso we shall follow that convention in our labs.


The study revealed dramatic decline in the extent of the forest reserve as both the plantation of exotic tree species Tectona grandis and Gmelina and the indigenous stands have been logged in several places for timber and to make way for cultivation turorial crops. Since the first Output Idrisi image filename was converted to all uppercase, it would irrisi better if you retyped that filename to follow the case of the other filenames.

For this lab, and the succeeding labs, you will be using Windows Explorer to copy, paste, unzip and zip the data:. View the online tutorial.

Hand in the printout of your Landsat composite image. Surfaces — Fly through and Illumination This exercise is optional, but it does demonstrate some of the ‘neat’ capabilities of Idrisi. Starting with Band 1: Review the material presented in Exercise if you need a reminder on all of the specific instructions on preparing and printing a map composition. There is the need for participation of different stakeholders and sectors to solve conflicting demands on limited forest resources and ensure ecosystem integrity.

Layers and Group files Question 4. Use Google Earth and Google Maps ttuorial to the map to familiarize yourself with the area.