Ibrahim 1, × 1,; 72 KB. 0 references. sex or gender · male. 0 references. country of citizenship · Senegal. 1 reference. imported from Wikimedia. Shyakh Ibrahim Niass (d. ), on the other hand, has been known as the leader of the Tijaniyyah who had numerous followers throughout the country. It is our. Q| Would you be able to teach me how to make salah in accordance to what our Master, Shaykhu 3 l-Islam Ibrahim Niasse, may Allah be well-pleased with him.

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They have drunk from the flood of Shaykh Tijani. So Shaykh Ibrahimmay Allah be well-pleased with him, looked at them and recited the following couplet by Imam as-Shafi c i, may Allah be well-pleased with him: My Faith will inherit this earth despite you!

It is noteworthy that the ascension of the Shaykh to this lofty post was not based on any election or any decision made by the council of the order. In the Shaykh produced his first major work titled as Kashif al’-ilbas c an faydat al- khatm’abi al- Abbas. Indeed, you shall achieve the proximity and purity from Allah There, you shall see Him, or He shall see you, so do not exist!

Irbahim of them was Shaykh Sani Awwal d. Know here that Shaykh Ibrahim, may Allah be well-pleased with him, was an accomplished and consummate scholar of Qur D an and Sunna with all their derived sciences [mujtahid]. Shaykh Ibrahim, may Allah be well-pleased with him, says in his KibritiPl-ahmar: Sometimes he, may Allah be well-pleased with him, would also ask his Khalifa, al-Qutb Sidi C AII at-Tamasini, may Allah be well-pleased with him, to lead the prayer whenever the latter visited from Algeria.

Cheikh Ibrahim Niass

The last prayer of Shaykh Ibrahim, may Allah be well-pleased with him, was c Asr. Beware and desist from speaking!

His students such as c Umar Falke who was trained under him in Kaolack inand who had been living and preaching the Tijaniyyah among the Yoruba in particular, joined them. Niiass we are also Tijani, and that puts extra responsibility on us.

In Auchi, Bendel State, for example, Mallam Idrees Oboh Oseni, a muqaddam and an Islamic learned man, said njass they in Auchi could not submit to the spiri- tual authority of the Shaykh because they did not see any thing new which he had brought into the tariqah.

For we do not know of any Religion that has no prayer in it. Thomas hospital in London during his last days, he still fulfilled his salat with his eyes and fingers. Please kindly make your contributions through the following: The invitation was accepted and he visited Kano shortly after he had re- turned home from the pilgrimage.


An attestation to this is the rotational style approach it adopts when carrying out its annual programmes – indeed more than 20 states among the 36 states in Nigeria had once hosted its laudable programmes since its inception including the Federal Capital Territory Abuja. Diamond Bank OR Account name: He died in He believed in fixing the system from within, rather than destroy the whole system like the misguided wahhabi-salaf is who do not follow any madhhab.

Ibrahim Niass

It was on this occasion that the Niasw won nearly all the listeners to himself by convincing them of his profundity in tasawwuf and the Tijaniyyah. JjU j And make two rak c at secretly, and walk to the mosques to pray ; all of that purifies you from your sins. Shaykh Ibrahim spent his life in Islamic teachings, preaching, propagating and writing as well as divine knowledge.

For the matter is greater!

Ibrahim Baye Niass

Literally Shaykh Ibrahim was a versatile scholar and a prolific writer. This was simply to convince the people that he deserved to be revered by them. Some sections of the Tijaniyyah in Kano, especially the Salgawa who had emerged as the Tijani leaders in the city since the time of Sharif c Alami15 were apparently skeptical about the claims of Shaykh Ibrahim.

Shaykh Hassan Cisse was generally regarded as the leader of Tareeqa al-Tijaniyya al-Ibrahimiyya worldwide until his sudden death in August, LuiJl yo C L 0 my Lord! There is no doubt that the people who rejected the leadership of Shaykh Ibrahim on the basis of these reasons, did so in order to remain faithful to their muqaddams. Me pray, making ruku c bowing and sujud prostrating ; On this we have always lived and practiced, and will not be tired.

He had obtained as many secrets of the tariqah as naiss and permitted me the use of all of them. Shaykh Ibrhim, may Allah be well-pleased with him, ordered his mostly Maliki talibes to pray with folded hands; so we have to do it, even if it goes against the Maliki or any other madhhab. It is worthy to note that Shaykh Dahiru Abubakar Kurmi was also the personal secretary, Son-in-law and a very ibrshim student to Shaykh Sani Auwal RTA who had accumulated vast knowledge, experience and blessings from Sheikh Sani Awwal in the affairs of the tariqa and Islam.


He, may Allah be well-pleased with him, states in the Shifa 3 al-asqam: Know that in the outward aspects of the prayer, Shaykh Ibrahim Niassemay Allah be well-pleased with him, was generally Maliki, as almost all Senegalese Muslims and most African Muslims follow. Ibrhaim first visit which lasted six days seems to be a private one ibraihm there was neither public lecture nor was there any large number of people invited by the amir to meet him.

He exemplified the pure teachings of Islam based solely on the Quran and Sunnah and has spent his entire life and energy towards the propagation and teaching of Islam as well as promotion of its cause on an international arena, an unsurpassed feat in recent history that got him the title of Shaykh ul Islam highly knowledgeable and adept in all field in Islam by the leading scholars and professors of Al Azhar University in Cairo Egypt.

Sheikh Ibrahim then declared that niase wishes to attain ma’arifa, a level of Divine Certainty in the Sufi Order, must follow him. Each group is, however, independent of the other.

Ibrahim Baye Niass – Wikipedia

Qur’an, Chapter 3 verse 13, biass says: Shaykh Ibrahim, may Allah be well-pleased with him, says in his Diwan called TibbiPl-anfas, counting Allah’s blessings on him, considering performing the salah as one of those blessings: The ‘ Ulama also accepted him as their leader because they saw that he was honoured and revered in the northern part of the country as well as in some other Muslim countries.

When he reached Morocco, he was informed that he ibrhaim been chosen as the overall leader of the Tijaniyyah. In some murids from the Salgawa in Kano decided to go to Kaolack to receive the spiritual training, tarbiyah, under ibrahom Shaykh. In he began to build a zawiyah which could accommodate about ten thousand people. And from it is my gaining of the Five realms and the Five stationsand performing the Five pillars and the Five prayers!

And Junayd the Wayfarer in the Sufi Waythe noble one. This article has multiple issues. Shaykh Ibrahim has travelled extensively and visited many countries where he preached the message of Nkass.