Your HP C All-in-One printer is capable of scanning documents. However, the “HP Photosmart” software needs to be installed on your computer before you . The HP F All-In-One belongs to the HP F series of multifunction printers, scanners and copiers. Like most AIO’s in the under-$ price range, the F Hewlett-Packard scanners let you quickly input business memos, letters, documents and pictures into your computer for storing or sharing with others. You can.

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Printer Software and Drivers topics. I’d like to download drivers to be able to use my printer on a new computer but when I go to product page for my driver https: Claim or contact us about this channel. Have you attempted any steps on your own before posting on the HP Forums? How do i do borderless printing? And everytime i need to disable scan, reenter to HP Officejet series, click on Manage Scan to Computer, click on Disable botton, and then click on Enable botton.

I can’t click on an install button because it never comes up. Anyone have a solution oe idea? I recommend you delete the driver and root level and retry, follow the steps below: I have also confirmed all drivers removed by checking Device Manager. My printer will not print color Office Jetnot printing any black and weak color.

How Do I Scan Something on My HP Deskjet F380?

I’m getting an error when I scwnnen to print anything which says: I am losing the will! About the Author Nick Davis is a freelance writer specializing in technical, travel and entertainment articles.


Re-open the application and change the photoemart document setting to or higher to resolve the issue. Skip to main content. Does anyone know how to find it and What it is called?

When was the last time it worked without these issues? I am trying to print something, and I keep getting an error that tells me my printer needs user intervention. The web services summary shows stats as connected and HPeprint is on.

Nick Davis is a freelance writer specializing in technical, travel and entertainment articles. In the meantime, please try the steps mentioned below: If you have a question, please create lhotosmart new topic by clicking here. Message 1 of 5.

Any advice would be appreciated. Contact us about this article. A preview of the scan will appear in the HP Scanning window.

How to Scan to PDF With HP |

I have a HP Envy that is wirelessly connected and has been for 3 years. Please, explain what this means and how to solve this problem. The only step I have tried before is reinstalling the drivers as I described, from THIS link, which is diferent from the link you provided: Accessed 31 December My color is fine but won’t print black either.

Now randomly, I click print, it connects to the printer, makes a noise as if it’s about to print and then sits there and does nothing.

HP Photosmart C All in One Printer Scanner and Copier – video dailymotion

Same problem as before – immediately after driver installation, I could access the scan to PC options using the printer’s built-in menu buttons, but after rebooting my PC, those options disappeared.


He is currently living in Albuquerque, N. The printer stopped printing from the internethowever prints OK phohosmart computer files. Kunt u mij via de mail deze software doorsturen of een link waar ik deze software kan downloaden. I understand you are in need of support, I’ll be glad to help you out, however, for an accurate solution I will need more details: Can you help me figure out what to do to get my printer working?

I’ve tried setting things up from the control panel and using the HP apps to search for this setting, but I have seemed to never get a borderless print ever.

Printer Software and Drivers topics

Envy will not scan to pdf only gives jpg. It only gives a jpg result.

Printer Software and Drivers topics http: Wireless printing from my iPad or iPhone worked previously but suddenly stopped. Message 4 of 5. I’d really like to have the printer correctly installed since it enables full functionality, especially since the end-user I’m troubleshooting for isn’t very tech-savvy and would appreicate the full range of user-friendly options associated with a correct installation of all of HP’s software.

Obviously this is annoying because I either have to phohosmart my PC on all the time, or reinstall the drivers every time I want to scan something.