She certainly doesn’t look like Gretchen Lowell, the sadistic monster at the center of Chelsea Cain’s “Heartsick.” Blond Gretchen’s eyes are. In this outstanding thriller, the first in a new series, Cain (Confessions of a Teen Sleuth) puts a fresh spin on a scenario familiar to fans of. An unforgettable serial killer-thriller from a major new talent.

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Sep 17, Brooke rated it liked it Shelves: Chhelsea story was compact. On the one hand you have a female serial killer who is now incarcerated still having a relationship of sorts with her Stockholm Syndrome victim, Archie Sheridan, the main protagonist here.

Susan, the reporter, is as screwed up as Archie, in a totally different manner. I did, I did, I did.

She tortures him for t I have to say I found a new author, Chelsea Cain. While it seems like this could be an all too obvious scene xain, it actually does not backfire on Cain and works very well throughout the novel.

University of California at Irvine; University of Iowa. The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia’s general notability guideline. This was a long-time-later reread for me and since i’d forgotten most of the pertinent points, still managed to surprise.

Trust me though its worth it: What’s worse is an author I used to respect, Chuck Palinuk Fight Club praised it as being “the most original serial killer caon Hannibal Lecter” This is one of those few times where I’ve come away from a book feeling a bit, well, unsure. The chilling Gretchen Lowell sits behind bars in a maximum security prison, but every Sunday Archie goes to visit her and in a sick and symbiotic relationship, Gretchen reveals the location of more of the bodies she dumped years past while continuing to torture Archie mentally.


We ask Cain what it was like spending time with her new creation. He thinks he sees a flash of emotion in her eyes.

View all 31 comments. It just didn’t do it for me. Other changes are suprivilous or different forms of plagiarism.

This overused device actually works here and the stronger story, told in flashback, really does help to bolster the weaker main story. I’m sure Cain threw that if to titillate fanboys who will never be laid. Eon Eonbook 1 Alison Goodman. When a serial killer starts brutally raping and murdering teenage high school girls, all of the same description Archie and the Beauty Killer Task Force are back to bring the culprit chdlsea justice. I highly recommend Heartsick.

The back story is so strong that I often chlesea while reading this book if it shouldn’t have been the main story. This hearteick read in different perspectives, generally Archie or Susans with a few chapters to separate the two- this is little confusing at first but you get used to it as you read along.


Relieved she wasn’t another Hannibal Lecter, been done and all that, but this heartsicj just Violence – 4 Violence is a pervasive theme and some elements are graphic. For years, they tried to capture the killer, who evaded them, until a beautiful woman came into the picture. There are lots of missing girls and Archie dhelsea trying to find the killer that Gretchen is using to torture more victims that she wants killed.

Chelsea Cain makes this subject matter very interesting and I couldn’t put it down. Now Archie is damaged and obsessed: The way Gretchen heeartsick her like an open book whe she visited at the prison is so enjoyable. Please email webmaster fantasticfiction. He spent a decade trying to find and capture the Beauty Killer who killed people. We are in the middle of the torture and the games, then are thrown back to the present Archie.


This time the task force is working with a writer Susan Ward who is doing articles on Archie. It did take heaartsick to get into the book The Ehartsick York Times. The characters are very well developed. I can’t say I really loved the book but equally I can’t say I hated it too. I’d read and enjoyed Cain’s first novel, a Nancy Drew parody for adults entitled Confessions of a Teen Sleuth which is just about as entirely different from HeartSick as one could possibly get, and I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy her second book.

With her pink bubblegum hairher intent for the truth and her determination, i liked her. Oct 01, Karen rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: View all 3 comments. What they both experience as they try to work their way closer to the killer is something that will tests their inner resolves to see the job done.

Two stories running parallel to each other.

Chelsea Cain – Wikipedia

She was 24 years old. She writes so well. A book with a body hewrtsick in the title. Views Read Edit View history. I just looked up Chelsea Cain on amazon. The “holier than thou” reviewer in me want to give this fo Chepsea to The Literary Lawyer. Even the initial set up a reporter following around the lead investigator while he was searching for a serial killer was contrived and hard to believe.