M. Gryzinski, in FPB, Novosibirsk, July , p. 89, ; Sprawa Atomu, Hamo-Sapiens, Warszawa, M. Gryzinski, Preciesly About Atom (in. Collectively moving electrons in a space centered cubic lattice. Graphics from the book “Sprawa Atomu” · Back. Spin of the electron – a source of symmetry in Nature. Graphics from the book ” Sprawa Atomu” · Back.

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Unfortunately, the destructive dogma of the twentieth century physics that a microscopic particle cannot have both a definite position and a definite momentum has for few decades entirely eliminated the search of causal relations between macroscopic and microscopic world. My point was only that their energy has similar order as electron – should easily go through relatively light shielding they use.

Sprawa atomu

There is indeed a barrier the Coulomb barrier in the case of an alpha emitter, but it goes the gryzisji way in this case, keeping alpha particles within the unstable nucleus. To show false moments in Born formalism let us trace, step by step, the calculation procedure of some fundamental and at the same time the simplest problem of atomic collision gryziki.

This transformation procedure is defined by the integral: Results of theoretical calculations for ejection of electrons from helium atoms by protons for two different atomic models. A similar argument would seem to apply to beta decay. Perhaps something similar to internal conversion, but drawing from a surplus electrons in the solid state environment brought there under unusual or nonequilibrium conditions, such as the buildup of static charge.

The weak interaction has a cross section, and a variable that can be adjusted in this setting is the flux of incident electrons. You can read the section about Anna here Anna has dedicated this book to her mother.


Polish language Anna describes her visit in Italy Here, I will present a scheme of the fundamental research spprawa of the microscopic world. In the case of microscopic particles the established relation between J and Dwhich may be symbolically writen in the following way: Neither quantum equivalent of Rutherford formula for the center with finite mass:.

The cross section represents the probability that at a single collision a given change D v of the kinematical state of the considered particle will be observed. Radioactive nuclides are a notable example. The following questions are conceptual rather than accurate science may be but I wonder if they have been considered?

It is difficult to understand, how the whole philosophy introduced originally by Born could be taken seriously. Calculations were carried out for two extreme forms of collective motion of two electrons: In life, Anna embodied goodness, kindness and love.

A transformation procedure from a random statistics in D to the observed statistics in the angle Jis determined by the following integral: Unfortunately that time the physics of superconductors has been dominated by BCS theory, so that the above proposal including the finding later has been ignored completely with mainstream physics not quite surprisingly for regular visitors of cold fusion forums – yryziski contemporary physics is full of such taboos.

To obtain Rutherford scattering formula on the grounds of classical dynamics one needs two trivial steps: In such a case, by continuous illumination of the investigated object with a probing beam its whole history can be precisely registered.

But what is this going around the barrier? A key information on electronic structure of the atom obtained with atomic collision technique.


Dobrowolski and the sheet music of this song, which was composed and beautifully interpreted by Anna. Wspomnienia o Annie German Comments: If so is there a certain probability that those interactions result in local charge cancelation? Since the time of Rutherford it became clear that electrons in the atom cannot stay at rest and atomic collision formalism must take into account kinetics slrawa the moving electrons.

It is the second edition with many pics. Unfortunately, on a basis of entirely false arguments I discussed rgyziski the previous lecture, fruitful researches have been abruptly stopped by a newly born Quantum Mechanics.

Michał Gryziński (Author of Sprawa atomu)

It is hard to believe but Quantum mechanics is unable to describe collisions between two crossed proton electron beams produced in a school atomh Everybody, however, knows that proper system of coordinates simplifies solution of the problem since some characteristic features of the investigated problem are included, it contains, in fact, some fraction of the searched solution. It is a characteristic feature of scattering from the fixed centre of force that kinetic energy of the particle before and after the collision is the same and the change of direction of motion is the only result of a collision.

Fine, but where are the gammas and neutrons produced by the 9 MeV alphas travelling in the Li? The high concentration of scalar waves presented here acts there like the scratching of surface of liquid metal droplets or like their immersion into a more dense fluid: