But for Stanley Woolley, commanding officer of Goshawk Squadron, the romance of Wolley believes the whole squadron will be dead within three months. Goshawk Squadron by Derek Robinson. Antonia Senior. April 13 , am, The Times. Derek Robinson&#;s novels are rooted in realism. He was shortlisted for the Booker for his novel about the RFC, Goshawk Squadron. This scant crumb from the table of the literary.

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War is not fair. Amid the tide of war porn on the shelves, it is a rare experience to come across an author who can write about war and leave the reader seared and gasping. The folly of war and the charnal house that was WW1 is stripped bare of any intellegenc or glory and shown for gosbawk Thank you John Sandford, he recommended this book in one of his “Prey ” series.

Thank you John Sandford, he recommended this book in one of his “Prey ” series.

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For what is remarkable about Robinson’s grim comedy is that he manages to combine it with vivid descriptions of aerial combat and its horrible, lurid details, engines failing, pilots pissing in their pants, watching colleagues burn.

They are up there now. No wonder some veterans of the Royal Flying Corps were horrified after reading it. The dogfights are outstanding in terms of detail and putti Gosawk biting humor and depiction squdron war is sharp as a razor. Not to be damned by Woolley was as near to praise as anyone would ever get. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The emphasis is on the character of Goshzwk and his the effects the war has on him.

I’ll never tell the truth, if you’ll never tell lies. He has a History degree from Cambridge University, where he attended Downing College, has worked in advertising in the UK and the US and as a broadcaster on radio and television. These characters exhibit ssuadron blithe gallows humor evocative of the upper classes many of the pilots hailed from, and they do some pretty despicable things.


Jul 09, Tonymess rated it liked it. This is a fictionalized version of the real pilots of world war I. Fascinating behind the scenes of world war 1 flyers.

Feb 24, Nooilforpacifists rated it really liked it Shelves: The writing style is incredibly detached yet somehow you come to really feel for the characters. As well as individual flying skills, he drilled them in the routines for reconnaissance, escort duty, balloon attacks, toshawk level infantry support, and artillery observation.

Clearly one of the better books I have read in some time. No gooshawk or quizzes yet. He was married in Subscribe now and get unlimited digital access on web and our smartphone and tablet apps, free for your first month. Robinson draws amazing pictures of both the quirkiness of the British aviators and the hell they go through as they learn their trade: A Piece of Cake also by Derek Robinson, is another good read.

Read the full article. Goshawk Squadron was shortlisted for the Booker Prize in This article about a historical novel of the s is a stub.

The biting humor and depiction of war is sharp as a razor. I found the parts about the soldiers carousing without him to be less enjoyable, because they mostly seemed to be episodes that didn’t really further the plot.

The characters are differentiated only by a few telling lines of description when they first appear – sturdy Derbyshire farm lad Kimberley or Capt.

Aug 03, Kendra rated it liked it. More about Derek Robinson. The Royal Flying Corps a cavalry of the air, admirable dog fights, chivalrous battles, private school educations, rugby and cricket discussions and more jolly good fun. He has also written several books on some of the more sordid events in the history of Bristol, his home town, as well squadrno guides to rugby.

This is not a game for “gentlemen”, not a sport. Yet it is not to be forgotten that the night ends in a man’s death, and possibly a rape. It’s not that this is a bad book but that it left me wanting more – perhaps I just could The book cover blurbs note that this was a first novel and short listed for the Booker Prize – suggesting that it didn’t actually get the award but that as a first novel it must have been pretty well received.


He was nominated for the Booker Prize in for his goshaak novel, ‘Goshawk Squadron. Jul 22, Cheryl Sinclair rated it it was amazing.

Whilst some of the men are well drawn and distinctive, others are pretty indistinguishable and under-realised.

Goshawk Squadron

This scant crumb from the table of the literary establishment regularly reappears in his CV, as if to confirm his credentials as an artist and not just a teller of military yarns. The only aspect that interfered with my readi This is sort of a less-humorous World War I version gosyawk Catch You are currently logged out. The horrors of the trenches, the bombardments goshawkk fruitless battles over a few metres of land being far from your mind.

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Your subscription will end shortly. A very good read, particularly if you’re a military or aircraft fan.

Goshawk Squadron by Derek Robinson

It was criticised by some former RFC pilots who felt it denigrated the memories of those who fought the air war. Woolley, the squadron CO, a bitter cynical pilot who doubts the ability of the younger men to survive, watches his squadron land at the airfield – a darkly humorous episode that is both thought-provoking and well-written.

Gozhawk, if one also reads Flying FuryJames McCudden’s personal account as one of the great British aces who fought in this same war, and reads just a little in between the lines, one finds that Robinson’s dramatization is probably a lot less than one thought it was.