Gordon Pask’s Conversation Theory: A Domain Independent Constructivist Model of Human Knowing. Bernard Scott. Centre for Educational Technology and . The model in question is partof the conversation theory (CT) of Gordon Pask. CT, as a theory of theory construction andcommunication, has particular relevance. Since then a substantial percentage of the software development of my career has been guided by Conversation Theory and the work of Gordon Pask.

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My point here is that, if taken seriously as a modeling tool for systems such as corporations and families and project teams, this architecture of conversations could become the basis of an innovation in conversatioj.

I became a student of Pask as no doubt countless others had begun: I entered convedsation field of cybernetics as everyone does, as an observer of my own thinking. Entailment meshes, at least in their broad basics, are well documented in published accounts.

This is the basis for making hyperlinks that are not static connections as pre-determined by the content designer for all users to be the same. Conversations held in noisy bars, straining to hear.

In this way, local extension or modification of the contents of the knowledgebase is easily achieved, while still preserving the original. Should I give you the same answer no matter what the previous question was? His wish was to develop a social cybernetics that would help combat terrorism, oppression, and social conflict.

Long before simulation was practical in common computers, or pounced upon as a sensible means for using software and computer graphics to teach how systems work, here was Pask forging ahead with wires and motors and lights.


Papers offered in the middle of the night from suitcases full of tobacco tins, clothing jumbles and electrical supplies. Instead, if a user is interested in an explanation on a topic, or desires more detail, moving the mouse over the text would, if a hyperlink were available, produce convrsation box around the phrase.

Shall I just ignore what I have observed in our previous conversations about what is an effective conversation with you? Back This is an entire topic in itself. Just as entailments model a state of knowing, the dual of entailments, called the architecture of conversations, captures the structure of the interactions across the perspectives that are necessary and inherent in the creation gordoh these states of knowing.

The User Model can be configured by the author, the user, or by the results of a pre-test. I was wide-eyed, I am gordoj. John Benjamins, pp Such as system would serve up the power of a cybernetic methodology, capable of encompassing both subjective and objective interactions among system elements of all kinds teams, humans, machines, artifacts.

For students to learn a subject matter, they must learn the relationships among the concepts. Commercial technologies will continue to evolve and will convedsation, I feel certain, toward what Conversation Theory could give them now.

Conversation theory

His vision was of a healthy society, in which there is unity without uniformity, love, peace, and justice gordoon all. Elsewhere 24 I have described an application of Conversation Theory to organizational modelling, and over the twenty years that I have pondered this notion and used it as the basis of mostly manual that is, not a software-based facilitation, I see the modern corporation and the software industry converging on it on their own.


It can even be modified on the fly, provided the user is imposed upon to give feedback on the effectiveness of explanations. There was insufficient storage flexible, not hard psk in those days, or RAM in the mini-computer to allow for electronic display of a subject matter, but this was no discouragement to the implementors. Pask provides an extensive discussion of the theory applied to the learning of statistics probability. Man-Machine Studies, 7, pp.

The color of the sky is blue. Other published papers 23 have succeeded in clearly expressing this architecture.

Retrieved from ” https: His diagrams for the sharing of simple concepts are remarkable, breathtaking in their specificity. In regard to learning styles, he identified conditions required for concept sharing and described the learning styles holistserialistand their optimal mixture versatile.

Conversation Theory (Gordon Pask) –

By allowing a user to click on them, these hyperlinks provide a portal to other content. Reprinted in Cybernetic Art and Ideased. Then I heard about Jerry Lettvin, an M. He proposed a rigorous model of analogy relations.

His intention was to conjure common-sense meanings of these words, and also to provide details of how these usually ineffable notions could be made concrete and measurable.