On Thursday, November 21st, we’ll discuss: Frank Sibley, “Aesthetic concepts” and; Visual Artists Rights Act (VARA) and 5 Pointz. N.B. ALL. consideration of the difference between aesthetic and non-aesthetic concepts. The classic exposition of this distinction is Frank Sibley’s ‘Aesthetic Con- cepts’.1 . Most of Sibley’s work in aesthetics is collected in Approach to His paper ” Aesthetic Concepts” is often referred as one of the.

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Aesthetic Concepts

He was the uncle of the writer and broadcaster Brian Sibley. This article has no associated abstract.

And, as far as I can tell from your answers, we would seem to be in substantive agreement on this topic. Sibley has been considered an important contributor to Aesthetics in the analytical tradition. Raamy Majeed – – Analysis 78 3: Fdank am curious where aesthetics can go as a field of study with that position once accepted. Maybe the question is my question.

This Week’s Special: Frank Sibley’s, “Aesthetic Concepts” – The Electric Agora

If it is working right they should be in sync and without tension. If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in. Enter your email address to follow The Electric Agora and receive notifications of new posts by email. Aesthetically delicate, not physically delicate. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. But my point is that normally functioning sense organs which allow me to see the sky as blue are something very different from taste in the arts, etc.


I have made a number of attempts to locate it over the years but I never succeeded. Sign in Create an account. Robert Wilkinson – unknown.

This Week’s Special: Frank Sibley’s, “Aesthetic Concepts”

Here, Frank Sibley illuminates what it is for a term or an expression to be an aesthetic term or expression, i. Dan, That is but the beginning of my lucky bastardy. Surely, these characteristics, taken together, are sufficient for calling my cousin intelligent, despite the fact that not a single one of them is necessary. Most of Sibley’s work in aesthetics sesthetic collected in Approach to Aesthetics.

Collected Papers on Philosophical Aesthetics. To clarify my initial comment: From the Publisher via CrossRef no proxy jstor.

AESTHETIC CONCEPTS AND AESTHETIC EXPERIENCES | The British Journal of Aesthetics | Oxford Academic

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. What am I missing? To start with neuroscience only provides an explanation of the processes by which we achieve the experiences we have, so it generally has to match our experiences and aesthehic the other way around. The rather objective sounding claims made in aesthetci stuff we did read ended up turning me off to the subject in general. Philosophical Review 68 4: Betterness or worseness of accounts depends entirely on what one wants them for.


As it is recognition of symmetry or proportionality as a category of preference has been recognized well before modern neuroscience remember the golden ratioshowing you can get to the same types of conclusions without worrying about underlying neural mechanisms.

The Emergence of Modern Aesthetic Theory: Note though, that these effervescences of beauty totally independent on humankind are frxnk the service of sexual attraction.

I think a few more examples outside the visual arts, or visually aesthetic, might help. Aesthetic Concepts in Aesthetics categorize this paper.

This is also true of natural scenes — one can think of those aesthetic concepts applicable to landscape painting and photography that also apply to actual landscape:. What is puzzling about this is that if asked, why one thinks something has a certain aesthetic property, one will often give reasons that mention descriptive characteristics of the object. The paper is rich in themes, but the main line of thought suggests that aesthetic concepts cannot be reduced to non-aesthetic concepts, or sufficiently defined in terms of non-aesthetic concepts.

Nonetheless, the quoted passage will do to surface the problem here.