Ifigenia in Tauride – Baccanti has 16 ratings and 0 reviews. Testo originale a fronte. “Ifigenia in Tauride” è una tragedia di Euripide. Ifigenia scampò per poco dall’ essere immolata dal padre Agamennone come vittima sacrificale (“Ifigenia in. Ifigenia in Tauride. [ed.) Euripides [Euripide] (Antonio Cantele] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Metrical analysis by Zielinski indicated a date between and BCE, but later analysis by Martin Cropp ifigebia Gordon Fick using more sophisticated statistical ifigebia indicated a wider range of to BCE. The drama is ultimately based on the play Iphigenia in Tauris by the ancient Greek dramatist Euripides which deals with stories concerning the family of Agamemnon in the aftermath of the Trojan War.

Orestes reveals his identity to Iphigenia, who demands proof. Iphigenia has just retrieved the statue from the temple and explains that when the strangers were brought in front of the statue, the statue turned and closed its eyes. Federica marked it as rauride Sep 20, Iphigeniasister of Orestesis the high priestess of Diana in the temple of Ifigeniaa, having been transported there magically by the goddess when her father Agamemnon attempted to offer her as a sacrifice.

In a “reform opera” on the subject by Tommaso Traetta with a libretto by Marco ColtelliniIfigenia in Taurideappeared on the Viennese stage. She was told that she was igigenia married to Achilles, but upon arriving in Aulis, she discovered that she was going to be sacrificed by Agamemnon. Upon hearing this, Iphigenia decides that she wants one of the strangers to return a letter to Argos, and that she will only sacrifice one of them.

Anastasia Tsaparidoy rated it it was amazing Oct 07, Arianna Nardi rated it liked it Dec 15, Thoas, king of the Taurians, enters and asks whether or not the first rites have been performed over the strangers. As for the Da Ponte Italian version, [18] there was a “memorable” staging at the Teatro alla Scala inwith Nino Sanzogno conducting the orchestra, Luchino Visconti as the director and Maria Callas in the title role.


Although the storm dies down, Iphigenia remains troubled by a dream she has had, in which she envisioned her mother Clytaemnestra murdering her father, then her brother Orestes killing her mother, and finally her own hand stabbing her brother.

Gluck may have wanted to compose his own reform opera on the Tauris theme but Traetta’s opera made this impossible for the time being. Both men readily agree, and Iphigenia chooses Orestes to survive. Thoas calls upon the citizens of his land to run along the shore and catch the ship.

The main themes of the play are the igigenia and brotherly love and friendship of Orestes and Pylades and the familiar love between the siblings Orestes and Iphigenia. Nicola Misani added it Jan 30, Soon after, though, Orestes himself, accompanied by his friend Pyladesenters.

Ifigenia in Tauride – Baccanti by Euripides

The play begins with Iphigenia reflecting on her brother’s death. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ifigenia in Tauride – Baccanti by Euripides. Iphigenia asks Orestes his origins, but Orestes refuses to tell Iphigenia his name.

Catalog Record: Ifigenia in Tauride ; Ifigenia in Aulide | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Nico Battersby marked it as to-read Feb 26, Trivia About Ifigenia in Tauri Coltellini’s and Traetta’s ideas on how to reform opera were similar to Gluck’s and Gluck himself conducted the work in Umberto Albini Contributor, Translator. More of his plays have survived than those of Aeschylus and Sophocles together, partly because of the chance preservation of a manuscript that was probably part of a complete collection of his works in alphabetical order.

Taurride the meagre results achieved by the new Singspiel programmes [6] led the emperor to back down, getting an Taudide opera buffa company recruited again and engaging Lorenzo Da Ponte as his theatre poet, [7] the latter was charged to prepare an Italian translation of Gluck’s opera, which was staged in the restored Burgtheateron 14 December See, moreover, the review of Parker’s edition by M.


Chaste fille de Latone. However, he is stopped by the goddess Athena, who appears at the end of the play to give instructions to the characters.

But the accompaniment, with a subdued, agitated, sixteenth-note reiteration of one tone, and with a sforzando accent at the first beat of every measure, betrays the troubled state of his mind, from which he cannot banish the pangs euripkde remorse for his past crime.

The herdsman leaves to fetch the strangers.

Omero added it Aug 26, A messenger enters, shouting that the strangers have escaped. See plot of Iphigeneia at Aulis. Katerina rated it really liked it Jun 15, Thoas, King of Tauris, enters. In Gluck produced a German version of the opera, Iphigenia in Tauris, for the visit of the Russian Grand Duke Paul to Viennawith the libretto translated and adapted by Johann Baptist von Alxinger in collaboration with the composer.

Stefania Di Franco rated it really liked it Feb 21, Euripides was known for his striking portrayals of female characters, and Iphigenia is no exception, although she perhaps lacks the dramatic depth of ifigenla Medea and Electra. Orestes half falls asleep Le calme rentre dans mon coeurbut he is tormented by visions of the Furieswho wish to avenge his slaying of his mother whom Orestes killed for murdering his father Agamemnon.

Now, she presides over the sacrifices of any Hellene trespassers in the land of the Taurians, to avenge the crimes against her. Iphigenia explains that she was tricked into going to Aulis, through the treachery of Odysseus. Iphigeneia hates her forced religious servitude and is desperate to contact her eurkpide in Greece.