Engines of Creation The Coming Era of Nanotechnology · K. Eric Drexler. Anchor Books, See also: Engines of Creation Engines of Creation: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology. K. Eric. Drexler, Anchor Books, Doubleday, (downloaded from. The Engines of Creation: Eric Drexler. Molecular-sized robots, or nanotechnology , sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but with our technological capabilities.

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Engines of Creations is a really exciting book about the possibility of a creatioj future. Certainly, we seem to be approaching limits ever Beautifully bonkers, Drexler’s optimistic, visionary tract seems absurdly far fetched nowadays. Drexler’s PhD on nanotechnology MIT, was the first ever awarded on the topic for the simple reason that creatioon An introduction to one of the most brilliant, creative and exciting ideas that mankind has ever had.

Want to Read saving…. Maybe in this way, universes begin to emerge.

Eric Drexler writing this book all the way back in the mid ‘s, his work is still futurism’s magnum opus. Jerri Meyer rated it really liked it Feb 23, Oct 08, Wojciech Jurczyk rated it did not like it.

Engines of Creation 2.0: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology

The molecular nano machines Drexler imagined are getting closer everyday. And then it comes to a data explosion as with software or the Internet.

But I’m nonetheless excited for that! Drexler supports a form of the Fermi paradoxarguing that as there is no evidence creayion alien civilizations, “Thus for now, and perhaps forever, we can make plans for our future without concern for limits imposed by other civilizations. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


Without this brilliant duo, the colonization of space will not be possible. Jul 26, Scott Spencer rated it really liked it. This could open the dresler to a scenario in which the robots can fumble around on the eengines of reality.

He is currently working in a collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund to explore nanotechnology-based solutions to global problems such as energy and climate change. Trivia About Engines of Creati Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Imagine “growing a jet engine from a brew of tiny robots in solution.

Engines of Creation: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology by K. Eric Drexler

Everything he predicted about the internet ended up coming to fruition but his predictions didn’t go far enough. Ramona Whittington rated it really liked it Jan 10, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Nanosystems addresses chemical, thermodynamic, and other constraints on nanotechnology and manufacturing. The writing itself was good engiines often easy to read. Dass man mit ihrer Programmierung die Gesetze von Raum und Zeit manipulieren kann.

This is one engibes the books that “started it all. In addition to an updated “look and feel” for the dreler, Engines of Creation 2. Reading a book like this in is extra fascinating because it was written almost 30 years ago and made some cfeation predictions about the future we live in now.

Sure, we still don’t have the general purpose nano assemblers that create anything we want for pennies that are I’m not sure why I didn’t originally write a review when I first read this, but I still think this is a great visionary work.

He uses this as a model for man to design DNA like machines and extends this to nanomachines not based on building proteins but building non-organic machines. It was the material itself that was simply beyond my head. Such tyranny could be eternal, and could be in your own mind, without even the ability to commit suicide to end it. Jun 16, Ned Hanlon rated it liked it. This article is about the book on molecular nanotechnology by K.


Pages to import images creatioon Wikidata. Sure, we still don’t have the general purpose nano assemblers that create anything we want for pennies that are supposed to end poverty and bring about world peace, but it’s seemingly less and less far fetched everyday.

I was wild about this book when I read it, but creatjon current understanding is that it has been demonstrated to be false, the technology the book predicts violates quantum mechanics, or so I have read. Of course, there are also risks such fngines a grey goo scenario or, in the case of biotechnology, the super-epidemic created by humans themselves. If the basic building blocks of life have similar underlying principles of functioning as synthetic organisms, there must be a connection.

Engines of Creation: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology

Francesca rated it it was amazing Feb 10, To accelera Be it space lift, nanobots or quantum computers. Etwa ein Weltraumlift, der zuerst zum Bau von Orbitalstationen genutzt benutzt wird. Part of a series of articles on. In the twenty years since this semi “Some seminal works stand out like beacons eirc the history of science. This page was last edited on 14 Septemberat