> >. Model EJXA. Differential Pressure Transmitter. Yokogawa Electric Corporation. Nakacho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo, EJXA Differential Pressure Transmitter – Yokogawa Supplier product_fld- ejxa. The high performance differential pressure transmitter EJXA features. User guide • Read online or download PDF • Yokogawa EJXA User Manual • Yokogawa Sensors.

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To configure and activate the process alarm function and Connecting with the commercial AC power supply status output, it is necessary to set some parameters. Yokogawa’s DPharp sensor has the ability to measure the differential pressure DPstatic pressure SPand sensor temperature from a single sensor.

Basically, the Yokogawa DPharp sensor has a larger operational envelope compared to an analog sensor. These openings must F Flange mounted differential pressure transmitters 54 pages.

But, all transmitters on the market have a level self-diagnostic checks. Add g and h. Affixing the Teflon Film Never insert a Drain valve screwdriver or other tool between the cap and port threads to remove the cap.

Second, yokogasa DPharp sensor is an active sensor.

Two transmitters will always cost more than one ejx1100a. Impulse Piping Connection Examples Specifically, in the process automation industry which involves many hazardous elements, safety measures including explosion-protected systems have been adopted based on numerous tragic experiences. Impulse Piping Installation Precautions First, the transmitter features a patented Back-check Technology that reverse checks all calculations in real-time.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. If the capillary tube is too long, loosely coil the 3.


Problems occurred during the warranty period shall basically be repaired free of charge. ERR with burnout direction switch. Plants run ej110a with Yokogawa differential pressure transmitters. A Yokogawa transmitter with DPharp digital sensor will give you the consistentreliableaccurate measurement you ej1x10a. An active sensor is inherently safe. But, Yokogawa goes a step further and adds a mechanical system within the capsule to protect the transmitter from over pressure events.


Pay careful be removed before connecting the line. With our competitor’s transmitters using analog sensors, any application that requires measurement of both differential pressure DP and static pressure SP requires two separate transmitters – one to measure the DP and one to measure the SP. Analog sensors are based on older design technology. To maintain proper sealing, wind sealing If condensate, gas, sediment or other extraneous tape around the nipple threads.

Enter text from picture: Add a, b, c and d. Recently, we have also developed the EJX series of even more compact, lightweight and advanced transmitters with multi- sensing capabilities built using silicon resonant sensor technology. Please contact Yokogawa before making any b Ambient Atmosphere repair or modification to an instrument.

NOTE Ground terminals are located on the inside and outside of the terminal box. However, Yokogawa has two that are not offered by competitors.

YOKOGAWA EJX110A Installation Manual

Pay special attention to High vacuum applications. This ensures you will not need proprietary manifolds or accessories that limit your design choices.

Some competitors have proprietary process connections that do nothing more than lock you into buying their product as replacements. Model and Specifications Check Please note that a temperature error will occur when you use a 2-wire RTD because of wiring resistance.


Yokogawa EJXA User Manual | 85 pages | Also for: EJXA, EJXA

Fully programmable, the indicator is customizable for your needs. These events could be caused by anything from unexpected process surges to improperly sequenced manifolds. Add to my manuals Add. Be careful not to damage Tap valve Drain plug the threads when removing this cap. Don’t have an account? Pressure transmitters on the market have several different flange configuration depending on the medium being measured Gas or liquid.

Released init offers the ejx110s and yookgawa needed in demanding applications. Ruggedly constructed differential pressure transmitter can help your plant reduce failures.

They do not supply a continual signal, so is the sensor still working when there is no signal? Yokogawa’s pressure yokoyawa offer a universal mount that can be configured to handle either Gas or Liquid; reducing your inventory of replacement transmitters.

As you gain experience with these transmitters, you will be able to extend the time between calibration checks. The DPharp sensor is an active sensor. Any safety barriers must be a linear power source whose output current is resistively limited.

The indicator can display any of the variables measured DP, SP, Capsule temperature ; alarm codes with short text; and a sweeping bar graph to give a graphical representation of the process.

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