The corpora is a kind of bylaws for the Kingdom, and contains the rules Winds Corpora (Current as of January ); Dragonspine Corpora. wm_corpora_pdf. Kingdom Corpora coming soon. Dragonspine Corpora updated Dragonspine Corpora Amtgard Monster Manual. Dragonspine! As we are now officially into the month of the crown it is once again time to clean the slate for reeves and corpora certified. Per corpora to be.

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If you change what an award means for your kingdom, you change what it means for all of Amtgard. The Monarch may create and bestow new orders, masterhoods and titles. THE ALTHING The Althing is a public meeting open to all members of the kingdom to i discuss and enact rules changes with a two-thirds vote, ii revise and update the Corpora with a two-thirds vote, iii discuss and vote upon major expenditures of the kingdom treasury, iv discuss and vote on the future of the kingdom, v vote on approving the adoption and promotion of sponsored chapters, vi vote on restoring the membership status of a terminated member and vii discuss and vote on kingdom policy.

The Prime Minister is the draonspine ranking official in the kingdom and is the secretary-treasurer of the kingdom.

Randall Andalsa’s e-Samurai – all opinions, all the time

Temporary rulings should be announced and published in the newsletter. A ‘no confidence option’ must corporz available in all elections. Examples include food, 2D art, 3D art, photography, bardic, and writing. Candidates in any election for a kingdom office or dragonspkne Board of Directors must declare their intent to run publicly and to the managing election officer at least two weeks prior to the election.


Each type has a. The Champion is responsible for ensuring that all battlegames and battlefield equipment are legal and safe according to the Amtgard Rules of Play. Kill 10 people throughout the day 1 spaces 4. No person may hold the office of Monarch for more than two consecutive terms. This clause has been affected by amendment I. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? A person may only declare for one of the offices of the Monarchy.

Not content to modify one knighthood, they also have the aforementioned Order of the Bard, which also counts for nothing.

Write-in candidates are not permitted. Monarch and Regent Given for: When it comes to thinking way outside the corpota when it comes to awards, nobody has the newest four kingdoms of Amtgard beat.

Join Amtgard!

These tests must be taken at or after the most recent Crown Qualifications. And in the Celestial Kingdom, it earns both! The Champion shall organize battlegames and ditches on days when no predetermined scenarios are scheduled. If a petition to impeach the Monarch is being presented, draonspine member of the Monarchy shall preside over the Althing according to the Order of Precedence. I bring to you the quests for this week as well as a 1 point bonus for any dragonspihe completed not included in The spaces listed.


Documents and Links – Sacramento Amtgard (Sacramento, CA) | Meetup

Receipts must be provided for all expenditures of the treasury. The Guildmaster of Reeves shall work with the Monarch and the Champion to ensure that the rules are applied accurately and fairly. Sponsoring Kingdoms may award any awards and orders to new groups under their jurisdiction. The Weaponmaster Tournament shall take place no more than three months after coronation, and shall otherwise be run according to the guidelines set forth for the Fighting Events of Crown Qualifications.

If a temporary ruling is issued, an Althing must immediately be scheduled. Amending the Dragonsoine requires a two-thirds vote of the Althing. The Monarch is not required to pay any fees and is considered to be a dues-paid member while in office, and any dues already paid by the Monarch shall resume after the Monarch leaves offices.

Chancellor Elections

And knighthood should mean the same thing wherever you travel. A fee may be charged for dragonzpine publications to cover the cost of their production. The Althing may not be canceled if a petition for impeachment is being presented. The College of Arts and Sciences typically meets on Tuesday.

Order of the Dragon Award Templates. Make a field legal weapon 1 spaces 8.

December 22 at 3: