Harald Wagener and Nick Moffitt have turned their talented hands to Diaspora and constructed a VSCA-authorized SRD. We owe some thanks. Download diaspora-srd for free. None. User Reviews. Be the first to post a review of diaspora-srd! Additional Project Details. Registered. Business VoIP · Cloud Storage · Internet Speed Test. Resources. Blog · Articles · Deals. Menu. Help · Create · Join · Login · Home · Browse · diaspora-srd.

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Diaspora SRD

When a numbing taclash connects, a low electrical shock transmits through the lash. This need not be true of two ships sharing the -4 line. Every character selects a Stunt.

It does not represent actual injury.

What games do you know of that have free, and legal, SRD’s and PDF’s? : rpg

If you still are not satisfied with the result, you srrd try to bring in another Aspect. Wherever relevant, a list of equipment is provided: The extra reach of the haft allows for a greater swinging arc and accelerated damage. Accelerated and lightspeed starknives have gas-powered jets that fire when the starknife is wielded.

Seeker rifles are single-shot projectile weapons. Stress tracks have a basic rating modified by some Skills and Stunts. Consequently, recovery requires time explicitly spent recovering finances.

Weapons – Starjammer SRD

When there are restrictions, the effects may operate at the scale of space or platoon combat, subject to the approval of the referee. Slipstream points slipknots are located at a distance roughly 5 AU astronomical units above and below the barycenter, which is the point around which all bodies in the system revolve.


Both effects last until the crystal is repaired. Traditionally, doshkos are made of steel, but in recent decades they have been crafted using advanced metallurgic techniques and even quantum technology to improve the stabbing edges. A sonic rifle fires a blast that is loud enough to deafen targets in addition to damaging them.

In some contexts the shifting of gravity can lead to interesting play environments. More advanced rifles have military uses. An unarmed strike can be dealt with any limb or appendage.

Occasionally a session will narrate away large blocks of time as downtime. Intimate zones are often objectives you want to get someone to reveal valuable information, and so you want to maneuver them into intimate, trusting conversation.

The referee may decide that the facility is, despite technology, better or worse equipped and apply this as a modifier to the difficulty. Spacecraft similarly get five fate points.


A more effective solution for actual play is for the caller to select a player by any criteria he likes and then poll players clockwise or counterclockwise around the table. Moving a ship from the last bar off the map costs 3 shifts.

This can in fact be made even more abstract, when you want to make a situation tactical that has become mired or diaspoga in regular role-play. If zero or negative the attack fails. Consequences fade with time.


Thus a T3 laser pack requires and Assets check of 4 in a T3 system, diaspoga 6 in a T1 system and 3 in a T4 system. Weapons fall into subgroups that indicate how a given weapon deals damage.

Hammer heads can be custom-made with designs or logos imprinted on the surface. Any free tags placed by maneuvers at this time are immediately available to the next character to announce action or any following character, until the free tag has been tagged. The hardlight staff uses a core of unstable photonic gel to dramatically increase its mass every time it strikes a surface. For other Skills the player may have to invent the effect.

All spacecraft have a Heat stress track that keeps a record of how hot the vessel is compared to how fast it can dissipate the heat. Skills and Stunts are selected after the background is constructed.

Armour affects Composure attacks diaspoar as it does Health attacks but only those that use a weapon. A failure does generate a hit on his Wealth stress track equal to the number of negative shifts: