Designing The Future has ratings and 12 reviews. Alice Elizabeth said: I agree that we need to change the way we’re living. From both a sustainabilit. Buy Designing the Future: Read 9 Kindle Store Reviews – Jacque Fresco’s futurist book, Designing the Future serves is a manifesto for redesigning civilization itself.

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Their thin shell construction is mass-produced in a matter of hours.

The geometrically elegant circular arrangement, surrounded by parks and gardens, is designed to operate with minimum energy to obtain the highest possible standard of living for everyone. But no matter how much people resist, human fyture is no exception to the fact of change.

This framework as presented in “Zeitgeist fresc dedicates an entire video film to proving that God is nothing but a myth that is going back to the times of ancient Egypt. I feel like a jerk for saying what he’s doing is pretty much useless because, well, what am I doing to ensure the future doesn’t suck?

Some pictures of advanced aircraft and Mag-Lev trains presented in this book are in fact those that were developed at top secret military research facilities, tresco as “Area 51”.

Book Review: Designing the Future (2007) by Jacque Fresco

We can be sure that the history of humankind is one of change. The corporations that own car and aircraft companies may also own food, radio, TV stations, magazines, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and armament companies. A fusion torch properly used could create unlimited untapped natural resources from the most ordinary substances. Interestingly enough, this whole mechanism of enslavement is precisely described in the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”, hundred years ago, and they even provide the solution to avoid the external debt like a plague.

Accomplishing this requires an autonomic nervous system environmental sensors integrated into all areas of the social complex. Razzakel rated it it was amazing Mar 11, We have no crystal ball for the rest of the twenty-first century. We still have a society based on scarcity and the use of money. A key element in the design of cities in the resource-based economy is the embedding of all necessary energy harnessing within the structure of the city itself.


We face common threats that transcend national boundaries: Fresco is self-taught and has worked in a variety of positions related to industrial design and the aircraft industry. The building’s materials will generate energy and control their own designint climate.

Some jacwue may have wheels, while others are equipped with magnetic levitation or air-floatation devices. The missile men fought to hold back the development of laser weapons. This will be further explained in the “City” section.

I’m completely willing, and would be happy, to be proven wrong on this though. With the advances in science and technology over the last two hundred years, you may be asking: At one time, architectural adornments were an desjgning part of construction. Fewer corporations own more and more companies.

These cities coordinate production and distribution, operating a balanced-load economy so there is no over or under production. First, this book is poorly written, incoherent, reading more like the rantings of an old man, which is clearly all This book lacks all merit. Do not bother reading a page. Over million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by wars, and the ufture is not yet.

If you are an idiot or a zombie, you will be in your next trouble in no time. To have a world without pollution and waste, yet keep parks, playgrounds, art and music centers, schools, and health care available to everyone without a price tag, requires profound changes in the way we plan our cities as well as our lifestyles.

So, the food supply problem goes away like a myth. Windows will be controlled electronically to shade or darken external illumination and come equipped with computer-controlled, automatic cleaning systems that require no human labor.

Basically, the whole ideology culminates in the rule of Lucifer. Thhe mission of The Center for Dialogue is to submit the urgent issues of the times to critical examination, and to raise relevant questions for informed public dialogue.

Everything in these cities is as near to a self-contained system as conditions allow.

Designing The Future by Jacque Fresco

Fresco and learning of his supposed inventions and breakthroughs. New technologies will make walls entirely transparent so occupants can view the surrounding landscape without anyone on the outside seeing in. We tried that in the stone age. We will consider just a few here and let you add to this list on your own.


You will simply go insane eventually living in these kinds of totally inhuman mechanical structures. That is why you see all the social services being cut every year more and more. Then pilots and aircraft designers fought to hold back the development of guided missiles. But as the resource-based society moves toward freesco more cybernated world, most people are no longer needed to manage and operate this emerging civilization.

The Intelligence can not become dumber. Not only is science making it possible, it is now vital. What is stopping us from achieving this? For example, Wangari Maathai, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Price on December 10, was tear gassed, beaten unconscious, and imprisoned for fighting against deforestation in Kenya, Africa. Tsvetoslav Shalev rated it it was amazing Mar 17, People usually blame themselves vesigning “fate. Hopes for divine intervention by mythical characters are delusions that cannot solve the problems of our modern world.

The youth of the land will be encouraged by means of rock music and drugs to rebel against the status quo, thus undermining and eventually destroying the family unit. All these features are controlled by the occupant and supply more than enough energy to operate the entire household.

Designing The Future

Are we jscque more flexible or farsighted today? Many people feel that we need the rule of law to eliminate our problems. The helicopter in the foreground has a stationary center around which the rotors are propelled by engines at their tips. At least some of these principles will almost certainly become a reality in the future p.