BA datasheet, BA circuit, BA data sheet: ROHM – Fm Stereo Transmitter,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic. Page 4. Page 5. This datasheet has been downloaded from: Datasheets for electronic components. Part, BA Category, Communication => Freq/Signal Converters/Generators. Description, FM Stereo Transmitter. Company, ROHM Electronics. Datasheet.

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Alignment of the circuit is very easy. Basically you would shift Q1 and its associated parts one pad to the right on the circuit board since C12 is no longer necessaryand add a.

The filter has already been demonstrated to have a minimum 2nd harmonic suppression of dBc. Make ratasheet you’ll end up with the drain on the right side. Intra-stage matching is done by C1, C2, and L1.

BA Datasheet(PDF) – Rohm

A few minor tweaks were made to the schematic and a few parts were changed to what I had available mostly surface mount components. If you want to use direct synthesis method, change this mosfet into buffer.

The lead with the slash is the drain, and is to the right Low Pass Filter Testing Any RF power amplifier must be followed by a low pass filter LPF to reduce the harmonics to an acceptable level. Having tuned for minimum passband return loss, the stopband attenuation takes care of itself, you shouldn’t tune for it as you will mess up the passband insertion loss.

FM Stereo Transmitter

Solar charger Coils values: While the S parameter information measured at 0. Purists would temperature stabilise the bias current, but as the bias is not critical in this application, this was not bothered with. I used Wainwright to form the circuit nodes – this is basically self-adhesive bits of tinned single sided PCB material, cut to size with a hefty pair of side-cutters.


It has to be tuned every time you change frequency. Make sure it can take up dayasheet W, else it will be a hot resistor. Too loose and the device will over-heat, too tight and you will distort the flange of the device and once again it will overheat.

Datasheets search archive of electronic components datasheets

Rig yourself up some datashete protection if you’ve got an old blown-up device or a bipolar device in the same package you won’t have to bother with this and drop the device into the aperture in the board. The wideband choke L3 fatasheet some lossy reactance at lower RF frequencies, C8 takes care of AF audio frequency decoupling. This is an attempt to improve the final harmonic rejection, by reducing coupling between the inductors that form the output match and the inductors making up the LPF.

In the first stage the resistor R1 1.

BA1404 Datasheet PDF

The copper tape was then soldered top and bottom. You can check for oscillation by tuning a FM radio up and down the FM radio band, if you hear multiple images of your broadcast your amplifier is in oscillation not good.

L1 and L2 refer to schematic could have been made much smaller, but were kept big for consistency with the inductors used in the output network.

This design is a 2 stage amplifier that has about 17db of gain, suitable for an input of 50 to MW. Referring to the MHz span graph shows the 3rd harmonic of 88MHz suppressed by dB, and the higher orders by an amount greater than this. Designed around dimensions datashest tightly pack in a LM chip amp kit.


For normal applications I recommend using a lower bias. You can use other dagasheet as 2SC and get much more output power. The 60 Watt linear amplifier is simple all solid state circuit using power mosfet IRF With this level of drive you can now tune for 18 to 20dB of gain and return loss better than 15dB.

This is a bit more complicated transmitter, but gives a mile of range or so. If you just tuning up for a spot frequency, set up an RF power source to drive into the filter via a directional power meter.

A Chebyshev was chosen as the phase and amplitude ripple within the passband was not critical, and the Chebyshev gives a better stop band attenuation than compared to say, a Butterworth. The top and bottom panels sit in ridges cut into the heatsinks with a table saw, and then the front and back panels just bolt into the end fins.

Good heat sink is a must for the power transistor. Bifalar transformaer T1 is wound with 8 turns 26SWG on 1.

Updates and Ddatasheet I would change the design slightly if I were to build more of these amplifiers. This is to be expected, as a quick investigation datasneet the raw harmonics of the amplifier before the LPF to about dBc. In my experience there is little to be gained from using silver plated copper wire. This is a must do mod if the amp is to be used as a stand alone device ie not hardwared ont a FM An odd number of poles is required as both the input and output impedance was designed to be 50R.