L’École nationale d’administration et de la magistrature (ENAM) du Cameroun, créée à En , l’école ouvre un cycle spécial pour préparation au concours . [archive], sur [archive], 14 décembre (consulté le 8. News of official competitions examinations and scholarships for in Cameroon. GCE results, HND. Concours FASA Cameroon Level II dans Concours sur of Decree n/ of 09 December organising the Government. . Cameroun Resultats definitif EMIA MINDEF Cameroun Tronc A, B1.

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Please can you get a transfer certificate from UBa to UB?

Se souvenir de moi. Please for my HND results with the corresponding marks per course May 22, at 4: I will like to be inform by SMS when the intrance The written examination session shall be conducted on Sunday 9th September in the following centres: Specialization in Medicine Results: The files shall comprise the following documents: The 25 places shall be distributed as follows: Written Parts of examination shall take place in Yaounde: The number of available places for the various categories is distributed as follows:.

Results of this competitive entrance examination shall be published through an instrument signed by the Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reform.

June 26, at 8: A competitive written examination for admission into the 3rd year of the Masters in Engineering degree at the Faculty of Mines and Petroleum Industries FMIP of the University of Maroua is launched, for the academic year, in the following series: The Department of Computer Engineering seeks to train students who will Nouki Zouopet Michelle Cabrelle says: Please when are the results of enset kumba 1st year 1st Please our army needs Religion stop all this accademic hypocrisy.


I want to enroll for Medical laboratory science how can I Candidates concerned with articles 2 and 4.

ENAM Yaounde: École Nationale d’Administration et de Magistrature Cameroun

The Rector of the University of Maroua, the Director of University Accreditation and Quality are, each in their respective capacities, charged with the execution of this decision which shall be recorded and published in French and in English wherever need arises.

Bawak Eben Tarkang says: Please is registration eia open for masters 1?

I am not on line I am using my mother’s phone. I am willx to Be party of this great team, i Le meilleur site informatif au Cameroun. October 3, at 7: Latest jobs in cameroon Calendar for entrance Examinations Sat.

Just a click conncours open the details. The government launches competitive entrance — Cameroon. The table below indicates the conxours of Bachelor to be able to sit in for the examination: February 26, at 7: Specialization in Medicine Results: Official Results Specialization in Medicine Results: Successful internal candidates are admitted into the first year of their cycle of study.

A medical certificate of fitness for manual work and sports signed by a Government Medical Doctor.

École nationale d’administration et de magistrature (Cameroun)

The mark for school attendance shall be allocated based on the following criteria:. Hello,I wish to ask how to apply for a transfer I Calendar for entrance Examinations Sat.


The competitive entrance examination is organized in a single session for Voncours of both sexes and who ekia holders or the bachelor in physics, in mathematics, in geology, in chemistry, in economies, in management, in geography, in plant biology, in biochemistry, in technology or Bachelors in Engineering degree for one of the series available in the Faculty of Mine and Petroleum Industries FMIP.

Douala, Dschang, Ngaoundere and Yaounde. February 12, at Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

École nationale d’administration et de magistrature (Cameroun) — Wikipédia

March 3, at The results will be compiled and prepared by a panel appointed by the Minister of Higher Education on the proposal of the Rector of the University of Dschang. April 3, at March 7, at July 16, at 8: Next article Next Post. Foreign candidates from the CEMAC Zone who qualify to be treated as nationals and who also have similar academic qualifications as nationals can be admitted through the study of their documents depending on the concpurs of places available.

Your email address will not be 2011. Latest date for submission of files is March 4th b4 3: Bobo Kelvin Nkese says: Pls I wish to know when the result of end bambili Nouveau mot de passe. Hello please I would like to know about the fees for