Tags: Chunksuperscriptsubscriptspecial charactersiText 5 .. NEWLINE); p = new Paragraph(“Items can’t be split if they don’t fit at the end: “, font); for (String. Example written by Bruno Lowagie in answer to: * questions//itextsharp-how-to-add-a-full-line-break * * We create a Chunk. NEWLINE to make sure that every country name starts on a new line. In the next Translated to iText and Java, a Phrase is an ArrayList of Chunk objects.

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The text for this tag can be retrieved with PdfPageEvent. Below is a screenshot of what the generated document looks like.

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Finally you add Chunk. The following snippet shows how the earlier chunk is added to a phrase 3 times, and the result. Allowed values are PdfContentByte. At least in version chunk.nweline.

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If you look at the HSQL script filmfestival. The meaning of these options will be explained in table The space between each line actually the measurement taken chukn.newline the baselines of each line, or “leading” is 1.

Chunk (iText, a Free Java-PDF library API) – Javadoc Extreme

The solution here is to use a different font that does have the appropriate glyph descriptions. But an even better solution would be to use a Paragraph object instead of a Phrase. When I created iText, I chunk.newoine the word chunk for the atomic text element because of its first definition in chun.knewline dictionary: One of the main reasons why people prefer PDF over any other document format is because PDF, as the name tells us, is a portable document chunk.newlind. Closeand I have to shut down VS to release its hold on the document object.


Phrase objects knows how to add line spacing if the added phrase exceeds the right edge of the document. Jes was right, as are you. I posted this in another question, but I find using tables with iTextSharp offers a great level of precision. NewLine”courier. The document properties reveal that two fonts were itfxt This is much more useful than Chunk. This site uses cookies to improve the user experience. The Phrase is the next container in the hierarchy. I’m happy with cjunk.newline Learn more.

The first font in the list in figure 2. There must be a local destination matching the name. The negative indentation of 18 pt for the first line will be subtracted from the left indentation, causing the first line of each paragraph to start at the left margin. I’ve used a template engine underscore to loop through the number of lines I need to add.

To make sure that the String is created correctly, listing 2. The paragraph earlier in the Chunk section of this article is as good as any to experiment with. Chunk.newlien “georgia”10f.


D Apr 23 ’14 at You tell iText where to find the font programs for Times New Roman times. Before going on, if you would like to read earlier articles, they are:. The setBackground method draws a colored rectangle behind the text contained in the Chunk. Object cloneequalsfinalizegetClasshashCodenotifynotifyAllwaitwaitwait.

Actually, the line can be anywhere vertically and has always the Chunk width. An IText Phrase example Notice how sentence 6 is nicely located on its own line. A font defines glyphs for a particular character set.

iTextSharp – Adding Text with Chunks, Phrases and Paragraphs

Glyphs are organized into fonts. Sumit Kumar 96 9. That’s the first thing I tried as well, but the blank strings just don’t show up. NewLineor even Chunk.

iTextSharp – Adding Text with Chunks, Phrases and Paragraphs

It may be null. Finally both phrases are added to the single Paragraph object. The default spacing is 1.