FibeAir IP features a powerful, integrated Ethernet switch for advanced networking solutions and an optional TDM cross-connect for nodal site applications. Tx Range (Manual/ATPC). 20dB dynamic range. System Specifications. FibeAir® IP Technical. Introducing FibeAir IP FibeAir IP is Ceragon’s next. March Reuven Ginat Describes the FibeAir IPE CLH Compact This manual is intended for use by Ceragon customers, potential customers.

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IPG-Install-Guide-Filezilla | David José Barrios Itriago –

Verify that the application reports the correct parameters when performing the above. Site 1 Drawers Site 2 Drawers 4. See the third point in the Antenna Mounting section above. Traffic capacity throughput and spectral efficiency are optimized with the desired channel bandwidth.

In addition, since the IDU will be connected to the RFU, when considering a site, it 100 important to check for current and future obstacles on the roof or tower. Click here to sign up.

All other plugs should be left in position. OAM tools, this first-of-its-kind solution simplifies network design, reduces Ceragon ip10 user manual. Statement of Conditions The information contained in mxnual document is subject to change without notice.

With up Native2 capability for optimal traffic delivery, and modular architecture for all sites Tail, Chain, Agg3, Agg2this state-of-the-art radio platform offers the best msnual to IP migration for advanced networks. As with any type of construction, a local permit may be required before installing an antenna.


Site 1 Drawers Site 2 Drawers 5. Select Add on the Users section and enter anonymous in the Add user Account window. Ceragon Proprietary and Confidential. Configure the drawers to work in XPIC mode. Use physical loop between the splitters at the far end. Mount the coupler holder on the Ceragon nanual mount device using the screws and washers supplied with the kit.

Use a physical or software loop at the far end. Available management connection Ethernet or dial-up. Headset stereo plug, 2.

At the command prompt, type: Frequency Ceragn Separation MHz variable Versuchen Sie nicht, den Laser-Antriebsstrom zu regulieren. In addition, since the IDU will be connected to the RFU, when considering a site, it is important to check for current and future obstacles on the roof or tower.

Align the antennas, one at a time, until expected RSL is achieved.

Ceragon FibeAir-IP10 Manual

The addition of Primary Protectors is not sufficient protection in order to connect these interfaces metallically to OSP wiring. Ceragon ip10 user manual.

Log In Sign Up. Single Point Stud Grounding Wire 1. Bare conductors must be be coated with antioxidant before crimp connections are made to the screws. Retimed Framing Unframed full transparency Coding E1: Make sure that the inner pin up the connector does kp exceed the edge of the connector. It is recommended to transport the equipment to the installation site in its original packing case. Place the O-ring in the flexible waveguide flange groove.


All equipment in cragon immediate vicinity shall be grounded the same way, and shall not be grounded elsewhere. Verify your configuration is identical to the displayed in the following window: As shown in the illustration cragon, the protection panel in the middle provides the ports used to link the two IP units for protection switching when a system fault occurs.

All steelwork is Galvanized or Stainless Mznual, as appropriate to prevent corrosion. Select Download to start the SW downloads. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The purpose of the commissioning tests is to verify correct and proper operation of the product. Inspection Check the packing lists, and ensure that the correct part numbers and quantities of components arrived. For a list of accessories, see Appendix D – Accessories.

Transportation y The equipment is prepared for public transportation. Shielded RJ Used with: