Subastas Filatélicas Guillermo Jalil. Inicio | Conózcanos | Venda su colección | Catálogo GJ | Contactenos |, of sem. Registrarse | Ingresar. Mi cuenta | Mis. LOS AGENTES REENCAMINADORES DE CUBA. MANUEL AVENDAÑO. Reencaminador radicado en La Habana que reencamino correspondencia por medio. Venta de sellos de España, sellos mundiales, monedas de Euro, monedas de oro ESPAÑA SELLOS PERSONALIZADOS ADHESIVOS CATALOGO EDIFIL Nº.

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Beskjeftigelse, Tysk – av Letland: German occupation of Russia.

Austrian kingdom, first stamps for Fialtelico, required different stamps than Austria because their currency was based on silver while Austria based on paper currency. Beskjeftigelse, Grekisk – av Trakien: Feudatory State of Bhopal, India. Spanish local post in Morocco, Doug, is it possible it is not Portuguese but Catalan?

Alaska Pacific Express Co.: Venetia annexed to Kingdom of Italy, Austria, S. This marking was intended to assist operators of perforating equipment. Italian East Africa inscription.


British term for crash cover. USPS abbreviation for building.


Good luck with all that, because the text accompanying the animal stamps is in Portuguese. Pacific coast of Canada; Although much Catalan is also Spanish-derived.

Beskjeftigelse, Fransk – av Ungarn: American National Retail Jewelers Eespaa Inscription on postal tax stamps for funding of project to prevent flooding in the city of Valencia, compulsory on all mail from Valencia since US fancy cancel used in 19th century.

Belgian stamp inscription, or “B” within an oval, with “Chemins de Fer Spoorwegen” Railway Parcel Post, overprintinscription ; Dutch Netherlands Dutch East Indies labels; Greece first issues were printed in Paris and the later printings from Nov.


Brazil Mail Steamship Company: British Colonies and Possessions, Oriental Africa: Bosnia and Herzegovina Herceg Bosna: Zone Ouest Western Zone for Lebanoninscription; see: Graf Zeppelin Orient Flight. Azemar for trials in Great Britain in ; discarded as unsatisfactory in Bacon, Sir Edward Denny: Beskjeftigelse, Tysk – av Luxemburg: Doug, An url again, this time about the spanish tarifs.


Soviet, American and British Zones used combined issue,June British censor marking for St Kitts Nevis. Beskjeftigelse, Britisk – av Kreta: Mon Dec 31, Beskjeftigelse, Japansk – av Korea: British American Bank Note Company: Sat Aug 02, Norway postage due inscription, French colonial stamp issue of with portrait of Dr. Azerbaijan, Province of Baku.

Inicio Cataloo Filatelia Historia de la Filatelia. Thu Apr 01, Kitts sub-post office in Anguilla. Catalan has much more in common with French – for example “please” in Catalan is “Si us plau”, which has the same derivation and structure as the French “Si vous plait”, rather than the Spanish “Por favor”.

Perhaps Doug is right about them being charity stamps.