The Detachment (A John Rain Novel Book 7) and millions of other books are .. This item:The Detachment (John Rain Thrillers) by Barry Eisler Paperback. The Detachment. Barry Eisler. Thomas & Mercer (Amazon, dist.), $ trade paper (p) ISBN Thriller specialist Eisler (Inside Out, , etc.) combines characters from his two regular series in a muddled but mostly exciting tale of.

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Of course I thought this book was excellent. They were opposed to it.

Barry Eisler

Eisler was born in New Jersey, [1] his father was a wholesale office supplier, and his brary an environmental activist. The crises of conscious these man battle are as lethal as the armed enemies they face. The end was a detacument too pedestrian, but the story still has enough going for it that I want to give it five stars.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Barry Eisler. I appreciate the need for Dox as Rain, Larison, and Treven are all pretty grim guys.

He is the author of two thriller series, the first featuring anti-hero John Raina half- Japanesehalf-American former soldier turned freelance assassin, and a second featuring black ops soldier Ben Treven.

Soon after, I checked out his John Rain books, and spent a frenzied month catching up and loving them.

The Detachment

My favorite scene was a very tense moment when the four guys were close to taking each other out, but DOX broke them up by re-enacting a Cleavon Little scene from Blazing Saddles.


The plot-twists can be a bit predictable however do not detract much from the read. Retrieved 12 April After a four-year absence, assassin John Rain returns eiisler The Detachment. If detacument read this review, you’ve read all my John Rain reviews. At one point Rain thinks, “I ever work with a team again, just kill me, and then had to stifle a crazy laugh because, with this team, that was exactly the problem.

John Rain, the conflicted killer is a terrific central protagonist, and the other characters that make up The Detachment are all well drawn and keep you guessing. All right, so I appear to be hunting for a specific character: When he sees them a second time, he knows that he has fallen into someone’s crosshairs. I hope we see more of Rain, and the other characters in The Detachment, but I will most certainly be reading more Eisler either way.

I’m glad that he finally brought back John Rain, considering that he’s my favorite character from Eisler’s world of assassins and espionage. Overall the way things end it does seem that there might be further books written about this cast and I for one will be glad to read them. Rain’s friend, Dox, really shines here.

The Detachment (John Rain, #7) by Barry Eisler

View all 5 comments. If you’re new to John Rain, you don’t need to read the older novels to enjoy this one, though it helps with returning characters. Kirby Reviewed by Cindy H John Rain 7Ben Treven 3. There’s a big payday involved for Rain and detachmet chance to do some good for the American people at the same time. And although Rain has his limits no women, no children he is a brutal and cold killer.


This is all first-rate stuff. Having read other reviews, I understand people’s point around Eisler running out of ideas Book 5 felt like a chorebut I didn’t feel that this was the case with this one. Maybe because he acknowledged something he’d known for a long time but was unwilling to accept: This alone precipitated a heady mix of discussion and still is.

Eisler is a master of tension who takes great care in building subtle, memorable characters, through multiple perspectives, eislee of will, a transformative killer’s conscience, and so on.

Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. Overall the way things end it does seem that there might be further books written about this cast and I for one will be glad to read them. Nov 27, Skip rated it it was amazing Shelves: